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Caring for your child - Pediatrics

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Children need care tailored to changing needs, from birth through young adulthood. Our pediatricians' goal is to keep your child well.

We evaluate and treat nearly every childhood disease and condition. If our physicians feel that your child needs to be treated by a specialist, Marshfield Clinic’s doctors provide the most comprehensive children's health services program in the region.

Our board-certified pediatric physicians staff some of the most respected hospitals in Wisconsin, including Marshfield Children's Hospital, one of only three children's hospitals in the state of Wisconsin.

Pediatricians care for children and teens. We specialize in keeping children well, from birth to young adulthood. 

Care begins just after birth and continues through the teen years.

Your baby needs expert care during the first months to ensure a healthy start to life. If a problem is detected, it's often easier to correct at an early age.

Our medical and development specialists are trained to recognize and treat any problem.

Below, you’ll find information about common childhood concerns and development guidelines.

At Marshfield Clinic, you can also choose care for your child from these other specialists:

  • Family Medicine – providers who care for the entire family. Patients of all ages receive total health care from a Family Medicine physician and associated team. Family Medicine emphasizes preventive care and provides acute and chronic care.

  • Med-Peds​​ – providers who care for adults as well as children and adolescents. Med-Peds physicians have the training and dedication of pediatricians and internists combined. They care for patients throughout life, managing acute and chronic illnesses at all ages. Multiple generations of a family may receive care.​

Pediatric Specialists

Should your child need specialized care, Marshfield Clinic offers the most comprehensive children's health care network in the region.​


Preventive care services are an essential part of your child's health needs.  Visit the infants and & children section​ of our immunization hub to learn which vaccine schedules they need and when.

Pediatric Support Services

In addition to a comprehensive program of clinical services, we offer a number of support services to help children and their families heal emotionally and physically throughout their care experience.

Take the Infant Immunization Quiz

Test your knowledge of vaccinations against a variety of diseases that can affect your child. This quiz is based on information from the CDC.

1. A pregnant woman passes antibodies to her unborn baby through the placenta to protect against certain diseases. About how long does this natural immunity last after birth?
2. Which vaccine is given soon after birth?
3. Bacterial meningitis strikes infants more often than any other age group. Which vaccine will help prevent one previously common type of meningitis?
4. What type of reaction commonly occurs after the diphtheria, tetanus, and acellular pertussis (DTaP) vaccine?
5. When should an infant not be given a DTaP vaccine?
6. In the combined DTP immunization used in the past, which of the three vaccine components reportedly caused severe reactions?