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Be proactive wi​​t​​​​​​​​​h your care

Take care of you and your family wi​th My Marshfield Clinic. Your account allows you to make appointments, request medication refills and communicate with your care team. Or, view your care history -- access medical records, health reminders and billing statements.

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Contact the Marshfield Clinic Helpline at: 1-877-349-9449.​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Ways to pay your bill

It's easy to pay your bill online. You need your birthdate and the account number on your statement.

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See all billing and payment options

Billing resources for patients​

Common billing questions

Estimate the cost of your care (​Fee Estimates)

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Call: 1-800-782-8581

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Patient Assistance Center

Payment assistance information and cost-of-care estimates.

1-800-782-8581 Ext. 9-4475​​

Insurance benefits

Insurance and service coverage, plus eligibility and referral assistance.

1-800-782-8581 Ext. 7-5559​

My Marshfield Clinic help

Technical support with your My Marshfield Clinic account.​