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Lactation Services

Marshfield Clinic Health System offers lactation services staffed by International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC) and Certified Lactation Counselors, who educate you on breastfeeding and work with you to overcome breastfeeding difficulties. 

Choosing how to feed your baby is an important decision that has life-long effects for you and your baby. What you have seen and learned about infant feeding from your family and friends is likely to influence your attitude and perceptions. 

Whether you definitely plan to breastfeed or you are uncertain, the research is clear. Your milk is the best milk for your baby, and it is the ideal first food for your baby for the first several months. That is why Marshfield Clinic Health System recommends breastfeeding.

Lactation services

Lactation services include, but are not limited to:

  • Prenatal education that explains normal behaviors to expect from breastfeeding babies.
  • Initial assessment at the hospital.
  • Care coordination with other health care providers as needed.
  • Follow-ups prior to discharge from the hospital.
  • Assistance with position and latch-on challenges.
  • Assistance with potential milk supply challenges.
  • Assistance with concerns about infant intake and weight gain.
  • Education and assistance with breast pumps. Contact your insurance company before delivery to check coverage. 
  • Assessment and management of breast and nipple problems, such as engorgement, sore nipples, breast pain, mastitis, breast augmentation and reductions.
  • Addressing return-to-work issues.
  • Addressing weaning issues.
  • Finding support groups in your area.
  • Ongoing assessments following discharge.

Note: Please check with your Health System location about their lactation services offerings. ​

Lactation Services Locations

Lactation Services are available at the following Marshfield Clinic Health System locations: 

Pediatric Lactation Service

All breastfeeding families receive a complimentary visit with an IBCLC at their first pediatric visit after hospital discharge, only available in Marshfield and Stevens Point​. At this appointment, families can get their questions answered and have any concerns addressed. Lactation Consultants work closely with providers in a collaborative approach to assure your baby is receiving the best possible care.  

Outpatient Services

A lactation consult is planned for all mothers and babies in the hospital. However, follow-up care can be just as important. Contact your women’s health provider or pediatric provider to schedule lactation services during a future appointment. Note: Not all Health System locations offer outpatient services.  

Breastfeeding Education

Our prenatal and breastfeeding education classes are a great way to prepare for breastfeeding. Note: Please check with your Health System location about their lactation class offerings.

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Breast Milk Donation

Marshfield Medical Center in Marshfield accepts breast milk donations. Our milk depot program makes it possible for area women with an extra supply of breast milk to donate their milk. 

Learn more about Marshfield Medical Center breast milk depot

Breast Pump Information

Call your insurance company to verify if you are eligible for breast pump coverage. Per the Affordable Care Act, you may qualify for a double electric breast pump if: there is current or expected physical separation between you & baby (i.e.: illness, hospitalization, work), any other potential risk exists for inadequate milk production. Lactation Services recommends a double electric breast pump, and may have some brands available for after delivery. Talk to your women’s health provider or lactation consultant for more information. View a list of companies to order online or in your local area.

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