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Employee Benefits

​​​​​​​​Marshfield Clinic provides a robust benefits package to eligible employees.

The following benefit information applies to employees who obtain benefit-eligible status. A full or part-time benefit status is assigned based on a position's budgeted hours.

Effective date

Benefits such as health, dental, Section 125 and group life are effective the first of the month following employment. Effective dates for benefits such as Supplemental Life and 401(k) Plan are dependent on receipt of completed elections.

Health and wellnes​​​s benefits

Medical​ plan

Benefit eligible employees have the choice to select from four health plans. The plans include a range of deductibles, copays and coinsurance, including a prescription drug benefit. The premium cost is shared between the employee and Marshfield Clinic.

Dental ​​plan

Marshfield Clinic provides a choice of two dental plans. (One plan limits services to a specific group of dentists.)

Section 125 pla​ns - pre-tax deduction options

Medical expense flexible spending account (FSA) allows the employee to set aside pre-tax dollars to cover medical expenses not payable by insurance, such as health and dental plan deductibles, co-pays, prescription drugs, eye glasses, etc.

Limited purpose fle​​xible spending account (FSA)

Allows you to remain health savings account (HSA) eligible and take advantage of a FSA for limited health care expenses.

Dependent c​are plan

Participants may elect to pay for qualifying dependent care expenses with pre-tax dollars.

Health savings acc​ount (HSA)

A qualified high deductible health plan participant can fund his or her HSA through a pre-tax payroll deduction.

Wellness program

Marshfield Clinic Health System is committed to a culture that helps employees reach their best selves. Our Employee Wellness program will help you reach your wellness goals through a variety of programs and services.

Employee assistance ​program (EAP)

Marshfield Clinic staff, employees and their immediate families may utilize EAP resources for assistance and referral for personal concerns and challenges. The program is voluntary and confidential.

​Financial benefits

Re​tirement plans

401(k​) plan

Benefit eligible staff can begin to participate immediately upon hire. Participants can set aside up to 100% of their salary on a tax-deferred basis subject to IRS limitations (e.g. 2022 limitation = $20,500). The Clinic matches the first 6% of those savings $0.50 on the dollar. The Plan also includes a Roth or post-tax option. Participant selects the investment options.

Employee’s Retirement Plan of Marshfield Clinic Health System (ERP)​

Marshfield Clinic contributes 3% of an employee's gross income up to the Social Security wage base. Once an employee has met the eligibility requirements, they are 100% vested. *Contributions are made annually based on meeting the following criteria: age 21 prior to or as of the last day of the calendar year, worked a minimum of 1000 hours during the calendar year and actively employed as of the last business day of the calendar year.

Disability income ​​protection

Short term disabil​ity

A benefit, based on average weekly salary, is payable after a seven-calendar day elimination period. Maximum benefit period is 180 days.  Benefit is effective the first of the month following 90 days of employment in a benefited status.

Long te​​rm disability

Effective date is based on benefit status. Benefit is based on a percentage of pre-disability earnings upon completion of a 180-calendar day elimination period.  Benefit is effective the first of the month following 90 days of employment in a benefited status.

Lif​​​e insur​ance

Group term li​​fe insurance

The Clinic provides a group term life insurance program effective the first day of the month following benefit status. The life insurance amount is a multiple of annual salary.

Voluntary term life i​nsurance

Benefit eligible staff may purchase additional term life insurance for themselves, their spouse and dependents at group rates.

Voluntary accident​al death and dismemberment insurance

Benefit eligible staff are eligible to purchase an accidental death and dismemberment insurance for themselves and their family.

Travel and accident insu​rance

Staff traveling on approved business are covered under an accidental death benefit provided by Marshfield Clinic.

Voluntary long term ​care program

Long term care insurance is available on a voluntary basis to physicians, staff and their extended family members. Program features individual policies with a wide range of options allowing you to customize coverage to fit your needs and budget.​

Employee ref​​erral program

Marshfield Clinic's external referral program is intended to reward physicians and staff who refer qualified candidates for open positions. This program promotes the referral candidates from external sources and provides those individuals with the opportunity to earn a referral bonus in accordance with the program guidelines.

Work lif​​e balance

Paid tim​​e off

Paid Leave, vacation and short-term sick leave are combined into one paid leave account. The amount of paid leave earned is based on the employee's length of service and the number of paid hours (benefit status). Paid leave benefit varies for hourly and salaried staff. The following examples are based on a 40-hour work week:

Hour​​ly staff  

Years of service   Days of paid time off  

0-1      10

1-4      16

5-14    21

15-24  26

25+     31

Salaried​ ​staff  

Years of service   Days of paid time off  

0-9      21

10-24  26

25+     31

Holida​​y pay

Marshfield Clinic observes 6-1/2 holidays. Paid holiday time is based on the position's budgeted week and employment status.


Casual ​status

The Clinic may also offer casual status positions; casual employees are those who work a limited number of hours with no set schedule. They are called upon to work as needed. They receive only legally mandated benefits unless otherwise eligible for other Clinic-provided benefits.

Employe​e discounts

Marshfield Clinic disco​​unts

As a Marshfield Clinic physician/staff, you, your spouse and dependents are eligible for discounts from Marshfield Clinic Optical Shop, Audiology, Orthotic/Prosthetics, Health Management Resources (HMR), Refractive/Lasik surgery, as well as all Clinic pharmacies.


PerkSpot is a unique and fun benefit which provides an employee discount program on behalf of Marshfield Clinic. Perkspot works with local and national merchants to offer discounts to our employees on a wide range of goods and services.


Employee educa​​​tion and development

Marshfield Clinic supports employee development through ongoing education and development activities. In-house training programs are offered in a variety of technical, professional, managerial, and personal development areas. Off-site education opportunities may also be available through the Clinic's meeting and development reimbursement program and tuition assistance program.

Tuition assi​​​stance

Funding may be made available on a competitive basis for organized degree or certification-related courses where such course-work contributes to an employee's potential for a change in position or advancement within Marshfield Clinic.​

​"Marshfield Clinic is an Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, or protected veteran status."