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Cardiology (Heart Care)

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If this is a medical emergency, call 911.

Call: 1-866-520-2510

(Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.)

​Our heart care experts at Marshfield Clinic Health System use the latest technology and treatments to provide you with world-class care. 

Our team is committed to providing care that is compassionate and takes into account your needs and your family’s needs. We have heart care specialists located throughout our service area, so quality heart care is never too far from home.  

With pediatric cardiologists on staff, we can provide excellent heart care to all ages. 

John Miller is a patient in our Heart Failure Improvement Clinic. We have helped John stay active, engaged with his family and, of course, dancing with his grandchildren. See how our Heart Failure Improvement Clinic got John back in the game: 

​Our heart care experts can help you in all aspects of your heart health including preventive care, treatment, medication management and education, for a wide variety of heart-related issues, like:

• High cholesterol

• Unhealthy blood pressure levels

• Congenital heart defects

• Heart attack

• Cardiac arrest

• Metabolic Syndrome

• Heart failure 

• Heart disease

• Heart valve repair and replacement

• Cardiomyopathy

• Stress

• Diabetes

• Understanding your family history of heart health

• Monitoring your heart from home

• Incorporating healthy eating and regular exercise 

• Quitting smoking

We're here to help you stay active and doing what you love. 

Looks like you just met the Heart 2 Heart Kid!

The next important step in your heart health journey is to make an appointment with one of our primary care doctors.

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At Marshfield Clinic, our cardiac specialists are upon the leading edge of innovation in their respective areas of  heart care. But heart care is also their passion, the thing that  occupies their hearts and helps define them as people and as doctors. It’s not just what they do—it’s who they are.

Trust your heart or the heart of a loved one to the Experts at Heart at Marshfield Clinic.

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