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Your Cardiology Care Team

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​​We know having a heart condition presents many challenges to daily living. A variety of health care professionals are available to help you deal with your concerns.

Cardiovascular surgeon

Cardiovascular surgeons specialize in advanced cardiovascular and thoracic surgery including heart valve surgeries and aortic aneurysm repairs. They also have special training to provide minimally-invasive care through advanced robotic surgery. 

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Registered dietitians in Nutrition Services provide nutrition assessment and patient education/counseling for patients with a heart condition before and after treatment. Family members or others involved in the patient’s care are welcome to attend appointments. 

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Many heart problems occur due to arrhythmia , an irregular heartbeat caused by "short circuits" in the heart's electrical system. Electrophysiologists are specially-trained cardiologists who diagnose and treat heart arrhythmias.  

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Financial counselor, Patient Assistance Center

The Patient Assistance Center personnel assist patients with insurance benefits, eligibility and obtaining prior authorizations. They provide fee estimates and assist with billing concerns and payment arrangements. Also, they provide assistance to patients who are underinsured or uninsured and assist those with financial needs.  

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Genetic counselors

Genetic counselors analyze your genes to discover whether certain heart conditions can be passed down to your children. This helps educate and empower individuals so they can make better-informed decisions regarding their health care and can lead to more personalized heart care services. 

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Health psychologist, Behavioral Health

When diagnosed with a heart condition, you are not only faced with a significant physical disease requiring treatment, but also a disease which is stressful emotionally to you and your family. You may have depression, anxiety or fears of discomfort from medical procedures. Supportive counseling is available to you and your family to assist in coping and working through the impact that a heart condition may have on your life. 

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Interventional cardiologist

An interventional cardiologist is the first line of defense when treating heart disease. They use use multiple non-surgical procedures.  

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Pediatric cardiologist

Our pediatric cardiology team at Marshfield Children’s specializes in diagnosing and treating childhood heart conditions. Our board-certified pediatric cardiologists and cardiovascular surgeons are dedicated to eliminating or limiting the effects of childhood heart conditions on your child’s life. 

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Medical assistant

Medical assistants (M.A. or C.M.A.) aid the doctor, nurse practitioner or physician assistant in office functions including assisting with procedures, monitoring vital signs (temperature, pulse, blood pressure, height, weight, etc.) and scheduling tests and appointments. A M.A. should be called if you need medicine/prescription refills or need to relay information to your doctor, nurse practitioner or physician assistant. 

Non-invasive cardiologist

Our non-invasive cardiologists are experienced specialists who utilize the latest diagnostic testing methods to assess what is wrong and determine the best treatment plan possible. 

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Nurse practitioner/physician's assistant

Nurse practitioners (N.P.) or physician assistants (P.A.) are health care providers with advanced education who work together with your cardiologist to provide health care to persons with a heart condition.

Services of N.P./P.A. include, but are not limited to obtaining health histories; completing physical exams; ordering and interpreting diagnostic tests (such as blood tests and X-rays); ordering and assessing responses to treatments; prescribing medicines; counseling, and educating patients about their illnesses and treatments; providing follow-up care; and making referrals.  

Patient advocate

A patient advocate provides assistance by offering choices and helping you make informed decisions.  


Pharmacists answer questions and teach patients on proper use of prescription medicines, including side effects, and possible interaction(s) between medicines/food or other medicines (prescriptions, vitamins and herbal supplements). 

Registered nurse

Registered nurses specialize in caring for people. They can give medications, help during procedures, provide education on treatments, counsel and assess patient needs. Call a registered nurse when you have questions, concerns or problems with your heart care.  

Social worker, Community Resources

Social work services focus to meet the emotional and social needs of patients and families. Some of these services include referrals to county agencies, help with advance directives, counseling and much more.