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​​​​​​The APSW/LPC-IT Externship is a 3,000 hour supervised clinical learning experience. Each Extern will be given the opportunity to learn and strengthen clinical skills necessary to practice independently. The Externship will provide strong supervision to enhance the Extern's ability to learn on a one-to-one basis.​

Educational Objectives:

  • Patient Care: The Extern will learn fundamental patient care goals and the provision of excellent customer service.
  • Clinical Knowledge:
    • Gain knowledge of DSM-V
    • Gain knowledge in psychological theory
    • Gain knowledge in clinical modalities and appropriateness based on patient need
    • Gain knowledge of appropriate community resources
  • Clinical Skill:
    • Demonstrate ability to complete Diagnostic Intake Evaluations
    • Demonstrate ability to evaluate patient strengths and limitations
    • Demonstrate ability to make diagnoses based on patient symptoms and behavior
    • Demonstrate ability to make differential diagnoses
    • Demonstrate ability to recommend diagnostic changes as needed
    • Demonstrate ability to develop a treatment plan based on the diagnostic assessment
    • Demonstrate ability to monitor and review the treatment plan and make revisions as needed
    • Demonstrate ability to develop appropriate professional relationships with patients
    • Demonstrate ability to provide therapy
    • Demonstrate ability to use various treatment modalities depending on the needs of the patient
    • Demonstrate ability to complete discharge planning
    • Demonstrate ability to make referrals
    • Demonstrate ability to work as a team member.
  • Legal Knowledge: Competency​​​​​ in the knowledge and understanding of laws related to:
    • Life threatening situations
    • Child abuse
    • Elder abuse
    • Physical abuse
    • Competency and understanding of the needed consents for treatment
    • Competency and understanding of the needed authorizations for release of information
    • Competency and understanding of all privacy/confidentiality issues
    • Competency and understanding in professional ethical guidelines
    • Competency and understanding of how to resolve ethical dilemmas
  • Interpersonal and Communication Skills:
    • Demonstrate a non-judgmental approach with patients
    • Demonstrate developmentally appropriate approaches with patients
    • Demonstrate an appropriate professional relationship with colleagues
    • Demonstrate the ability to communicate at all levels in an appropriate manner
  • Professional Knowledge:
    • Demonstrate ability to acknowledge strengths and limitations in clinical practice
    • Demonstrate ability to understand the distinctive contributions of mental health and health professionals
    • Demonstrate the ability to understand the therapy ​role
    • Demonstrate the ability to understand team work
  • Paper Work Knowledge and Skill:
    • Demonstrate ability to provide appropriate documentation of practice in a thorough manner
    • Demonstrate ability to complete paperwork in a timely manner
    • Demonstrate ability to complete clinical paperwork forms as needed

Hours: This is a full time externship which will result in a total of 3,000 hours of supervised experience. The externship cannot be completed in less than two years. The Extern is expected to come in on time and work the expected hours.

Supervision: A supervisor ​will be assigned to the Extern to provide direct supervision. The Extern will be provided up to two hours per week of one hour face-to-face discussion. Other faculty in the department will also provide mentoring in the form of case collaboration and consultation. During the first three months, we would follow a developmental model where the trainee would shadow/observe faculty supervisors until they develop comfort and competency to transition to direct delivery of care with supervisor support and increasing independence with practice.

Activities: Clinical

Complete Diagnostic Intake Assessments:

  • Assess patient problems
  • Assess patient strengths
  • Accurately diagnose based on symptoms and behavior
  • Demonstrates ability to change DSM-V diagnosis as needed
  • Assess differential diagnosis

Develop Treatment Plans based on Diagnostic Assessment:

  • Identify measurable treatment plan goals
  • Revamp treatment plan as needed
  • Develop appropriate professional relationships with patients
  • Develop skill and knowledge to provide therapy
  • Provide psychotherapy
  • Develop skills and knowledge to complete crisis assessments
  • Provide crisis assessments
  • Make appropriate referrals to other health providers and resources
  • Demonstrates knowledge of distinctive contributions of mental health and health professionals
  • Know and understand laws pertaining to life-threatening situations, child abuse, elder abuse, physical abuse
  • Maintain appropriate clinical records and patient data
  • Know and understand record release laws
  • Complete all appropriate documentation in a timely manner


  • Attend weekly face-to-face meetings with supervisor
  • Seek out supervision beyond all requirements as needed
  • Self-evaluate areas of need and demonstrate knowledge of strengths and weaknesses
  • Understand the importance of obtaining supervision
  • Is aware of issues of authority and accountability in supervision
  • Recognize and respect the boundary between supervision and personal therapy
  • Attend Peer Supervision Meetings
  • Attend Therapy Meetings
  • Attend all patient activity outlined by the supervisor
  • Attend All Staff meetings​

Program Contact Information

Timothy R. Foster, MA, LPC, NCC
APSW Externship Program Director
Marshfield Clinic Health System
Chippewa Falls Center
2655 Cty Hwy I
Chippewa Falls WI, 54729
Phone: 715-236-4451