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 Getting Started at MCHS

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Welcome to the Marshfield Clinic Health System Residency Program. The Division of Education (DOE) is honored to have you complete your residency training at our facility. Please follow the directions below for each form and e-mail all completed forms back to Amy Guidry at: by Friday, April 5, 2024 (unless otherwise noted).​​​


​Overview of the assigned forms...yes, lots of documents, but we promise that each one is necessary prior to your start here. Hope this helps you to keep everything organized.

Form 1 - New Resident Forms Ch​ecklist​​ 

(please return this checklist to Amy)

​Form 1 - New Cardiovascular Disease Fellow Forms Checklist 

(please return this checklist to Amy)​

Form 1 - New Emergency Medicine Fellow Forms Checklist​

(please return this checklist to Amy)​

Program and Miscellaneous Information

This form needs to be sent to your medical school. You will notice this is a fillable form, but we also have a non-fillable form version as well.

​Form 2 - Medical School Verification 

Send to Amy once completed by medical school

​This partially fillable form will help us learn a few details about you/your family as well as your driver's license status and your life support certification statu​​​s. 

​Form 3 - Resident and Fellow Information

Send to Amy once completed

Marshfield Cl​​inic Health System runs a background information record on each employee. This form initiates that process.

Form 4 - Background Information Disclosure

Send to Amy once completed

A form specific to your legal name. Let us know how you would like your name used throughout the system. Please note, some of our apps have a "cap" regarding the number of letters for inserting names (i.e., if you have a long name).

Form 5 - ​Name Documentation​

Send to Amy once completed​​

If you need information about visa applications, please reach out.

​​Michael Roherty (Residency & Fellowship Programs Manager)


Antoinette Wijayapala (Education Programs Specialist)

The MCHS Employee Health Department uses the 'paperless' program "ReadySet" to store all of your health information. As a new employee of MCHS, you will need to set up your personal account. If you stumble on the instructions, reach out to your coordinator

Ready Set Instructions​

Employee Health Requirements Letter​

Attachments 7, 8 and 9 on checklist

Also related to MCHS Employee Health, you need to complete a pre-employment visit prior to your start date.

Please contact your program coordinator to get that arranged. They're nice people and they will help you get this scheduled. :) For fellows, this "visit" might be a virtual arrangement based on commitments you have with your current organization.

Each of you will need a photo taken that will show up in directories, pictorials, PowerPoints, etc. during your time here.

Preparing for Your Photo - Instructions​​​

​Each year, a pictorial is created with a photo of each trainee. You will be part of the next pictorial publication.

Current 2022-2023 resident/pictorial

This is another document you do not need to fill out, but if you are a non-citizen and in need of establishing a social security number, this might be helpful information.​

Social Security Information for Non-Citizens

Social Security Office Location:​
2213 8th Street South
Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494

Phone number: 1-855-686-1465

​​​Speaking of your driver's license, the information you see on this PDF (right box) might be useful.

Wisconsin Driver's License Information​

This is a document that you don't need to fill out, but you will find helpful information about the city of Marshfield, including ​apartments, housing realtors, etc.​

Marshfield Area Housing Resources ​

Licensing Information​ for Residents

Of particular importance to ​those of you in need of a Resident Educational License (REL), please start this process right away. The Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services (DSPS) uses the program LicensE to issue REL’s and they can get behind - don't wait to begin the paperwork. Please stay in touch with Amy Guidry on your progress.

The documents you see (on the right of this box) are intended to provide you information about licensing requirements during your training tenure here.

REL Instructions for Incoming ​Residents​

LicensE: Applicant's Wisconsin License User Guide 

LicensE​: ​Third-Party Document User  Guide​​​

WI: DSPS LicensE External User FAQs

Licensing Information​ for Fellows​

​​Similar to new residents getting started with licensing requirements, we strongly suggest that you - as fellows - also begin initial steps as soon as possible.

Again, please stay in touch with Amy Guidry on your progress.​

Licensing Instructions for Incoming Fellows

2023 New Resident Orientation Schedule (Draft) - this document also includes additional information about life support training.​