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 About the Division of Education

Marshfield Clinic Library 1935

​​​​​​Marshfield Clinic has a rich tradition of medical education. This tradition was identified as early as December 27, 1916, with proof in a statement by a founding Clinic physician to a Marshfield Times reporter: “Each member of the firm, besides his usual work, will do reading and study in a special field. He will thus gain more expert knowledge by reason of such study and will, through his extra knowledge, assist and help his colleagues in diagnosing especially difficult cases.”​

Marshfield Clinic Division of Education serves as an integrated resource to define, develop and deliver education leading to best practice. Marshfield Clinic Division of Education will be the preferred resource for physician, employee, patient and customer education that best satisfies the needs of Marshfield Clinic and those we serve.

In 1927, Marshfield Clinic began training University of Wisconsin (UW) medical students through a preceptorship program. Marshfield Clinic and Saint Joseph’s Hospital (now Marshfield Medical Center) were approved for a rotating internship in 1928 and surgical residency in 1931. These early projects led to a relationship with the UW that continues today.

A UW teaching service for internal medicine residents was so successful that residencies were developed in 1975 in internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics and a transitional year as a foundation to pursue other specialties. Dermatology and internal medicine/pediatrics and fellowship opportunities in psychology, palliative care and internal medicine were later added. Since the program began, more than 600 alumni have gone on to further training or medical practice, with a significant number employed by Marshfield Clinic.

Marshfield Clinic Division of Education provides a system of patient, customer, physician and employee education through divisional sections - Conferences/Continuing Medical Education, Corporate Education, Medical Library and Patient Education. The Division also plays a lead role in developing formal dental education programs and facilities to help integrate medicine and dentistry.