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 Nurse Practitioner Student Opportunities

Nurse practitioners (NPs) are advanced degree nurses who have greater autonomy, and in many states, are able to practice independently and prescribe medications.

Similar in nature to physician assistants, nurse practitioners take a patient load themselves, enabling primary care physicians to provide care to more complex cases. 

They follow a patient's progress — taking the medical history, conducting physical exams, making diagnoses, and implementing treatment plans. NPs also have the ability to order and interpret lab tests and x-rays. They can specialize in many areas including Adult health, Acute care, Geriatrics, Family health, Pediatrics and Women's health.

Marshfield Clinic is affiliated with many educational institutions and provides many nurse practitioner students with clinical experiences necessary to complete their education. 

Before Marshfield Clinic provides clinical experiences to students, eligibility requirements must be approved by the Division of Education.

Do not assume an educational request has been approved until you have received confirmation from Marshfield Clinic Division of Education. If you have questions, please contact a Division of Education program specialist.