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 Opportunities for Bachelors Degree Nursing Students

​​​​​University prepared registered nurses (RNs) are in a profession that combines physical science, social science, nursing theory and technology in the care of others.

Registered nurses perform numerous duties including observing and assessing patients’ health, and providing for a patient’s physical, mental, and emotional needs. They are educated to perform a variety of clinical tasks, develop and carry out a patient plan of care, and educating patients on getting and staying healthy.

Bachelor degree nurses can specialize in many areas of practice which include hospital, home, academic, government, business, industry, medical service, and the community at large.

Marshfield Clinic is affiliated with many educational institutions and provides many nursing students with clinical experiences necessary to complete their education. Clinical experiences are usually arranged by university program directors, but Marshfield Clinic recognizes that some programs require students to apply individually for their experience.  Before Marshfield Clinic provides clinical experiences to students, these eligibility requirements must be approved by the Division of Education.

Do not assume an educational request has been approved until you have received confirmation from Marshfield Clinic Division of Education. If you have questions, please contact a Division of Education program specialist.