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Flu: What you need to know

​​​​Woman and child rubbing noses.

Your guide to flu prevention and treatment​

What is ​​the flu?

Influenza is a highly contagious and potentially serious infection of your upper respiratory system.

What is season​​​al flu?

A different strain of seasonal flu breaks out every year, roughly from fall through spring.

Who should be​​ vaccinated for the flu

Almost everyone should be vaccinated for the flu, especially those in high-risk groups.

High-risk groups for the flu

The flu may result in serious complications for some people.

Flu prevention

Flu vaccination is the most important way to prevent flu, but there are additional steps you can take.

Flu treat​ment

The best treatment is often staying home and getting rest. Your doctor may also prescribe anti-viral medications.

Flu dan​gers

The flu is not severe for most healthy adults. However, seasonal flu can cause serious complications and death.

Pregnant wo​men and the flu

Five things you need to know to protect your baby.

Staying healthy​​ at work

The seasonal flu may be lurking at your work place - here's how to stay healthy.

State, national and world influenza resources

Fast flu ​​FAQ

Quick answers to frequently asked questions about the flu.

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 Flu Symptoms Include:

Sudden, high fever

Sudden chills

Dry cough


Runny nose

Nasal congestion

Sore throat

Muscle aches and pain

Fatigue and weakness

Loss of appetite