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Bursitis of the Hips

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Hip bursit​is refers to the inflammation of the bursal sac along the side of the hip.

Because of the closeness of the bursal sac to the hip tendons, a person with bursitis can feel pain with each step they take.


​Your physician will determine the severity of your bursitis and provide a treatment plan. Individual treatments may include:

Non-surgical treatments


  • Limiting activity that puts stress on the joint will give it time to heal.
  • Anti-inflammatory medications, including cortisone injections, can help reduce painful swelling.
  • A course of physical therapy can help increase flexibility in the hip joint and strengthen muscles surrounding it.
  • Local corticosteroids injection.



In severe cases surgical removal of an inflamed bursa can be an option.