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Common questions about medical genetics services

​Common questions about medical genetics services:

Will my insurance cover it?

Many plans cover genetic evaluations typically after a physician has made a referral or written a letter of medical necessity. All evaluations are authorized in advance through our Patient Assistance Center. 

If you have questions about your insurance coverage, contact our Patient Assistance Center at 715-389-4475. Coverage for genetic testing is a separate process that can be discussed further at your appointment.

Will you test me for multiple conditions?

Specific genetic testing may be offered or recommended based on genetic evaluation. Testing is always voluntary. 

We will discuss issues regarding genetic risk, testing options and what you feel comfortable pursuing.

What about genetic discrimination?

Wisconsin state and national laws protect against genetic discrimination for health insurance and employment. Any concerns you may have can be discussed further in your visit.

Is a genetic evaluation useful even if I don't have kids?

Having the correct genetic diagnosis may lead to better health care for you, regardless of whether you have or are planning to have children. 

Some genetic conditions may be associated with complications for your health that can be caught and treated early or even prevented completely. 

Once you know that you have a genetic condition, it can guide your doctors in providing your health care.

Is genetic testing required if I have genetic counseling?

No, genetic testing is not required if you have genetic counseling. Genetic counseling is the process of evaluating your personal and family health history to determine whether you or other family members may benefit from genetic testing. 

Your genetic counselor will discuss your genetic testing options, benefits and limitations of testing, and implications of testing results for you and your family members. 

If you choose to proceed with genetic testing after this discussion, your genetic counselor will coordinate the testing and follow up with you to review your results. 

You may also choose not to pursue genetic testing following your genetic counseling appointment. Genetic counselors are here to support your decision either way.

Is there an age limit for who can have genetic testing?

There is no age limit for who can undergo genetic counseling and genetic testing.

Is this testing different than the testing I can order myself online?

Yes. The genetic testing ordered by your physician or genetic counselor is regulated to ensure accuracy and utility. 

Testing you can order yourself, called "direct-to-consumer testing," is not held to the same quality standards as testing ordered by your genetic counselor. This can result in inaccurate results and improper interpretation of the results. 

If you are concerned about a genetic condition for yourself or in your family, it is best to discuss this with your doctor and genetic counselor before proceeding with genetic testing.

Can I have genetic counseling even if I've already had genetic testing?

Yes, some individuals meet with a genetic counselor even after another provider has ordered genetic testing to review their genetic testing results and/or to discuss additional testing options.