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Your Orthopedic Care Team

doctor examinng patient

​You are the center of the care team – an informed and active participant in your care. As a patient, you benefit from better coordination of care, improved quality of care, decreased health care costs and an enhanced experience of patient service.

From the moment you walk through our doors, you can take comfort in the fact that Marshfield Clinic Health System has a full team of experts who work hand-in-hand with your physician to provide you with comprehensive treatment and care. 

Advance Practice Providers

Advance Practice Providers are Nurse Practitioners and complete two to three years of graduate-level medical training, based on the physician medical school model, and are qualified to practice medicine under physician direction. Their responsibilities include conducting examinations, educating patients, writing prescriptions, and assisting the physician in surgery. They practice with autonomy in medical decision making and provide a broad range of diagnostic and therapeutic services.

Athletic Trainer

Athletic trainers are certified professionals serving as a physician extender in clinic. They may also assist our physicians with community outreach activities. Athletic trainers obtain patient health histories, perform initial and secondary assessments of patient, apply/remove casts and dressings, apply braces, splints, or other assistive devices, remove stitches and assist with wound care and injections. Our trainers also provide patient education and instructions for in-home exercise programs per the provider’s direction/ protocol.

Medical Assistant

Medical assistants coordinate day-to-day activities, managing a variety of tasks for our patients. They work closely with our physicians, assisting with various clinic procedures and ensuring that clinic runs smoothly.

Registered Nurse

Your registered nurse can answer questions or concerns you have about your treatment, symptoms, side effects, or anything else. It is their job to not only be responsible for the delivery of your care, but to ensure you are well informed and have what you need for your treatment.

Other Medical Specialists

Some physicians have additional medical team members such as certified orthopedic assistants and surgical technologists to support specific sub-specialty practices and patient needs.