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Airways and Digestive Tract Disorders

​The head and neck area is one of the most intricate areas of your body. Located in this relatively small area are various structures critical to survival. Multiple conditions and disorders can significantly affect your ability to breathe, eat and nourish your body. Our physician team has the knowledge and training needed to diagnose and treat even the most complex upper airway and digestive tract disorders.

We treat a variety of conditions that affect the upper airway and digestive tract including:

  • Airway narrowing or stenosis.
  • Infections of the upper airway.
  • Tumors involving the upper airway.
  • Foreign body removal in the upper airway or digestive tract.
  • Difficulty swallowing.
  • Aspiration problems such as difficulty breathing and chronic cough.

Comprehensive Treatment

​When it comes to treating these types of disorders, it truly is a team effort. Our large network of physicians can take an interdisciplinary approach and ensure that you are receiving expert input during every step of your health care journey.  

As the ear, nose and throat experts, our otolaryngology team partners with pulmonology, gastroenterology and speech pathology specialists at Marshfield Clinic Health System to provide you with the outstanding care you deserve.