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Cancer Education

Each of our cancer centers includes an area with educational resources about cancer.

A cancer diagnosis brings the ongoing need for information. Most of our cancer centers offer learning centers that include information about cancer - empowering patients to become active partners in their health care.

These learning centers may offer:

  • Books
  • Brochures
  • Videotapes
  • Audio CD's
  • Touch screen computers
  • Spanish-language materials

The information provided is meant to help patients, families and their loved ones decrease stress and increase hope during a challenging life transition.

Learning center topics include:

  • Current diagnosis and treatment information.
  • Nutrition during and after treatment.
  • Caregiver support.
  • Emotional wellness and stress management.
  • Ideas for supporting children with a loved one experiencing cancer.
  • Evidence-based integrative therapies, music therapy and guided imagery audio resources.
  • Dealing with post-treatment concerns including fear of reoccurrence, financial/employment concerns and wellness research.
  • Information about accessing local resources.
  • Post-treatment wellness planning.
  • The supportive wisdom of others who have already journeyed with cancer.