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Cancer Rehabilitation and Recovery Services

Rehabilitation and exercise programs designed to help you return to your everyday activities.

When you undergo surgery, radiation or chemotherapy to treat cancer, you may experience changes in your balance, strength, energy level, weight and ability to move easily and comfortably.

Our cancer rehabilitation and recovery services offer rehabilitation and exercise programs designed to help you move forward and return to the everyday activities you may have enjoyed before your cancer diagnosis. Services can also help you begin fitness activities for the first time or safely return to an already-established exercise program. You may begin services during and after cancer treatment.


About the program

Cancer rehabilitation and recovery services blend gentle motion, strengthening and endurance exercises with physical or occupational therapy guidance. Home exercises are tailored to create a personal program for recovery and renewed fitness. Services are for adult cancer survivors and start with an evaluation and fitness assessment by a physical or occupational therapist or an exercise specialist.

Our cancer rehab and recovery services have been developed from Cancer Recovery and Fitness, a physical reconditioning program created by Professor Matt Wiggins, Chair of the Department of Kinesiology at the University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire. Dr. Wiggins has been involved with exercise and cancer research for several years.

Physical activity impacts health

Research shows that physical activity and exercise has a significant positive effect on the physical and emotional health and wellness of cancer survivors. With lifestyle changes, including adding exercise, cancer recurrence for some types of cancer may be substantially reduced. Energy level may increase. Mood and attitude may improve. 

Services are flexible, personalized

Exercise plans are tailored to your abilities, needs and goals. With physician referral, services can start during or after your cancer treatment. You can stop the services if you need to and start again later.

Insurance coverage

A physician referral is necessary for cancer rehab and recovery services. We will work with your health insurance provider to complete prior authorization when it is required. 

Moving forward

A cancer diagnosis may leave you feeling a loss of control over your overall health. Returning to activities you enjoy or starting a new routine that includes regular fitness activities can help you feel more confident and focused on your recovery. Cancer rehabilitation and recovery services can help you get started. Community fitness programs can help you to continue.

When your sessions are complete, you will be provided information on area community fitness programs that can help you continue your exercise program. Learn more about available options from your therapist.