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Personalized Cancer Care

We offer personalized cancer care for our patients with the use of precision medicine.

Every human is different – from what we eat right down to our DNA. In the past, each type of cancer was treated the same way in all patients. But now, cancer care has advanced, and the need for more individualized care has grown. Precision medicine uses the DNA you are born with to determine the best treatments for you.

Targeted therapy

Targeted cancer therapies block the growth and spread of cancer by targeting cancer cells. These therapies do this without affecting the activity of the normal cells.

Each of our cancer centers offer both small molecule and Monoclonal antibody targeted cancer therapies.

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Initial testing

If your oncologist believes your cancer may respond to an available targeted cancer therapy, they will order your tumor to be tested. This may include a biopsy or blood draw that can be completed at a location near you.

Clinical trials

We are a part of a network of health systems committed to creating a new standard of care for cancer patients. We are leveraging Strata Oncology's precision oncology platform to implement a comprehensive program featuring universal tumor molecular profiling, efficient utilization of molecular data and a portfolio of precision therapy trials.

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