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​​​​​​Allergy and Asthma

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​​​An allergic reaction can range from the mildly annoying to life-threatening.

Allergic reactions may be triggered by the environment, food or other situations. Our allergists treat a wide variety of different allergic conditions, working in concert with your primary care provider when appropriate to allow you the highest quality of life possible.

Allergies cover a broad spectrum of conditions. Some of the more common include:

Adult asthma

There are a number of environmental factors that can cause adult asthma. Often avoiding known triggers is the best way to avoid symptoms. However, when that is not possible, your allergist has a variety of treatment options.

​​Allergy health information​ ​

Triggers - Many things can trigger allergic reactions including:

  • Drug allergies

  • Food allergy and adverse food reactions

  • Insect sting reactions and allergy

Pediatric and Childhood Asthma -  Asthma and allergies can be difficult for you and make your child's life miserable. Your allergist will map out a course of treatment that offers the best possible outcomes.

Conditions -  The following conditions are often associated with allergies or asthma:

  • Nasal polyps

  • Hives, chronic urticaria and angioedema

Allergic and non-allergic rhinitis FAQ  

A comprehensive question and answer about the symptoms and treatment of these two health concerns.

Emergency allergy care is provided 24-hours a day. Telephone consultations, emergency transfers, and in-patient and out-patient consultations for all allergic disorders are welcomed.

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