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Support the Mission through Education

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Whether it be the patients' lives we touch today with our knowledge and quality care or the professional lives we train who will care for us tomorrow, education is key. 

That is why education is one of the three pillars of the Clinic's mission. This vision has been sustained through the generosity of physicians and staff, alumni, patients, and the community at large.

The following are the top funding priorities in education as identified by the Board of Directors of Marshfield Clinic: ​

Resident R​​esearch Endowment Fund

The Resident Research Fund is used to foster resident research and scholarly activity. Marshfield Clinic's community-based graduate medical education program is uniquely positioned to be one of the few non-university based settings to conduct nationally recognized medical research. This fund elevates the training of the residents, helps attract and retain residents who go on to fellowships, and fosters future academic and research-oriented physicians. 

St​udent Educati​on

Each year Marshfield Clinic hosts over 800 students from approximately 100 post-secondary colleges and universities.  Clinic staff serves as volunteer faculty supervising or "preceptoring" these learners.  Various expenses such as computers, specialized work spaces, protective clothing, orientation, meals, video-connection back to schools help train these students.  This fund helps the Clinic continue to accept these students at a time when school budgets are tightening and workforce needs are growing.

Simulation Laboratory (Naming Opportunities Available)

The Simulation Laboratory will advance the practice of young physicians, nurses and physician assistants as they'll be able to practice on a simulated patient/manikin, where the worst possible outcomes would not affect the well-being of the patient.  Techniques can be practiced over and over until the trainee is comfortable wi​th steps and safeguards.  The Simulation Lab would be available for technical college students, university students, medical students, residents and fellow and healthcare professional clinic staff. 

​For more information about ways you can support education at Marshfield Clinic, contact​.​  ​


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