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​Introducing Our Board of Directors

The MCHS Foundation Board of Directors is comprised of dedicated community members and business leaders who guide MCHS Foundation. These volunteer members work in partnership with Foundation staff to advance philanthropic efforts, support fundraising initiatives and ensure proper utilization of donations.... Meet our board.​​​

Enrich Lives

For 100 years, Marshfield Clinic's mission has remained the same: enriching lives for generations.

Philanthropy is at the heart of our mission. Make your gift today to ensure accessible, affordable and compassionate patient care, research and education for generations to come.


In addition to making a gift online, you can support our mission in many ways such as stock, real estate, gift annuities, or including MCHS Foundation as a beneficiary of your estate. Our Foundation staff is available to answer questions regarding gift opportunities that apply to your specific situation and needs, or see below for more information.


Be Inspired

Man talkingEvery day at Marshfield Clinic Health System, we live our mission to serve patients through accessible, high quality health care, research and education.


Our grateful patients and friends help us through charitable contributions that support the areas of our mission that matter most to them. Their personal stories are inspiring and describe why they graciously give.

Giving Societies
Donor Recognition
​​Our Stories

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Get Involved

Throughout the year, area communities rally to support the mission of Marshfield Clinic Health System. Community members, area businesses and countless volunteers give their time, talents and resources to raise awareness and support causes important to them and the communities in which they live. ​Join us to make a difference!


Contact Us

​Our Foundation staff are available to answer questions that apply to your specific situation, including discussing gift opportunities, special events, or your giving history. For more information, please contact:​

MCHS Foundation
1000 North Oak Ave - 1R1
Marshfield, WI  54449-5777


Your entire contribution will benefit the program or area of your choice. Marshfield Clinic Health System Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and as such, your contributions are tax deductible to the fullest extent provided by law.