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 Eligibility Requirements for Visiting Residents and Fellows

​​​​​You must be in good standing in a United States residency or fellowship program accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME).


To apply directly for a visiting resident/fellowship opportunity at Marshfield Clinic Division of Education, please follow these steps:

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3:

Read the Background Check Notice and complete the Ba​ckground Information Disclosure Form.
Note: This form requires a cursive/manual (not electronic) signature, and in order for us to run the background check, we need documentation of your Social Security Number. Marshfield Clinic will review the results and notify the resident regarding approval for participation.

Step 4:

Submit your completed Application Form, Health Information Report, Background Information Disclosure Form, and the following documents to the Division of Education:

  • Curriculum expectations of the learner and the attending supervising the experience
  • Copy of Residency/Fellowship Program Evaluation form
  • Copy of Wisconsin Medical License
  • Copy of a Resident Education License (REL) if you do not have a Wisconsin Medical License
  • Copy of Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) certificate to include the number and expiration date
  • Copy of National Provider Identifier (NPI) certificate to include the number
  • Copy of BLS, ACLS, and PALS certifications. Certification must be from the American Heart​ Association (AHA).
  • Documented proof of professional liability coverage during this experience

Please submit your application documents as one unit. Applications will not be considered unless the above documents are submitted together.​

Submit your application documents

Step 5:

Marshfield Clinic Division of Education will work with your educational institution to obtain a Program Letter of Agreement (PLA) and where applicable, a letter of memorandum or contract with your institution for an ongoing educational experience.

In order to coordinate the best possible learning experience at Marshfield Clinic, the Division of Education will need to receive all requested materials a minimum of 60 business days (approximately three months) prior to the start of your requested program experience.

Do not assume an educational request has been approved until you have received confirmation from Marshfield Clinic Division of Education. If you have questions, please contact a Division of Education program specialist.