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 Opportunities for Pre-Medical & Pre-Allied Health Students

​​​Marshfield Clinic hosts the Annual Pre-Med and Pre-Allied Health Winter Experience to students at participating University of Wisconsin campuses.

This experience takes place during the first two weeks in January when students are on their winter break. It is specifically geared to pre-medical and pre-physician assistant students.

Marshfield Clinic provides a structured opportunity for pre-med and pre-allied health students at participating University of Wisconsin campuses to experience what physicians and allied health care providers do on a daily basis. It is a one-of-a-kind experience in which students see, first-hand, a full range of practitioners in a variety of specialties, including their duties and responsibilities, the rewards and stresses of the health-care profession and the inner-workings of hospital, clinics and staff. Along with providing valuable observational and learning experiences, the providers offer advice, support and information about career options in the medical field.

During the pre-med experience, students may have the opportunity to attend conferences delivered by Marshfield Clinic staff to help students see the variety available in the medical field, better understand the requirements of their chosen career path, and increase their understanding of the healthcare system.

Students from participating universities apply through their university’s science department during the first half of the fall semester. Please contact your university’s science department for application materials.

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