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 First Resident Workshop 2006

​​​​​​​​​​​​Last issue we addressed the importance of residents having a primary care provider and obtaining preventive and as needed health care. RWBC has discussed this with your program directors and they support you in this. Taking care of your health is a win-win proposition. With mindful use of health care services and good self-care you are more likely to stay healthy, recover more quickly from ailments and be at top form as a medical learner and provider.

In this issue we would like to inform you about RWBC sponsored activities during the Division of Education’s Medical Education Day on June 1. Following the morning research presentations on June 1, residents will meet at the Holiday Inn Conference Center for lunch, followed by an afternoon of workshops devoted to resident health and well-being. Drs. Karen Lawson and Pat Hart, physicians on teaching faculty at the University of Minnesota, will be sharing information, recommendations and facilitating discussion on resident stress and well-being. Drs. Lawson and Hart present an 18 hour seminar series to UM residents on these topics and come highly recommended. In the spirit of promoting resident well-being, Dr. Olson informed RWBC that residents will be off service for the day and are to focus on the morning and afternoon activities rather than stressing about how to get back and see patients. This is a new venture for DOE and we would like your help to make it an enjoyable and helpful time spent with your fellow residents. Please email to us (via Groups and then Resident Well-being Committee) specific topics you would like to have addressed. Drs. Lawson and Hart have offered to tailor their presentations to our specific needs as well as present on topics they have learned over the years are most concerning to residents. Please email your suggestions to us. Thanks and be well.

Jerry Goldberg, M.D. Mike Schulein, Ph.D. Vicki Viegut, M.D. K.J. Williams, M.D.​