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 Faculty Development and Residents

​​​​​​​Residents today become faculty tomorrow.

Wherever your career takes you, it is likely you will be a supervisor, attending and faculty member. What your learn now through direct instruction, mentoring and modeling by your current faculty, is a major influence on how well you will perform in your future faculty role and how well you will be in that role.


MCHS works with faculty to promote their on-going development in their roles and to support their well-being in those roles. That’s called Faculty Development. 

Visit the Division of Education’s Faculty Development website for exploration. 

Please check out the resources we provide to your faculty to support their on-going development. In particular, view the Resource Guide in the Faculty Evaluations tab.  

We invite you to use these resources now as you work with other learners and to take these resources with you as you move into your careers.