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 Resident Health Survey

​Since 2007, RWBC conducts an annual survey of resident health. In addition, all new residents complete the health survey during their first day of orientation when they meet with the RWBC. The self-care (or lack thereof) that you do in residency highly predicts the self-care (or lack thereof) you do in your career. As a psychologist at MCHS once warned, "Practice does not make perfect. It makes permanent." The health survey is a tool to help you create a better, more permanent approach to your well-being. Here is the link to the RWBC topic page on Self-Care Planning in Residency.

The health survey has three purposes.

  • First, to introduce you to the process of periodically pausing to reflect on your lifestyle and health behaviors from which you can consider adjustments to support your well-being.
  • Second, to provide you an opportunity to do a self-screening for concerns for depression, suicidal thinking, excessive sleepiness and other risk factors for your wellbeing. If concerns are indicated, please consult with us.
  • Third, to provide information to RWBC and the residency programs on the strengths and vulnerabilities of residents as a group which then informs our efforts to support your well-being. 

New residents anonymously complete the health survey during a short meeting with the RWBC on their first day of orientation. All residents complete the survey each spring in meetings with RWBC. During those meetings, we address survey critical items related to depression, suicide, excessive sleepiness and other risk factors which were identified in analyses we conducted in the past of the health survey. 

You can retake the Health Survey at any time. Here is a link to a paper version of it. If you do this, we encourage you to identify two strengths in your answers and two vulnerabilities. Then check out the RWBC Website Self-Care Plans topic pages for guidance on how to make healthy changes.  Finally, we encourage you to review the Neighborhood Watch RWBC topic page to learn how to speak up and support each other.

Annual Health Survey Results

2019 Data

2020 Data: None due to pandemic

2021 Da​ta