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 Resident Health Survey

​Since 2007, RWBC conducts an annual survey of resident health. In addition, all new residents complete the health survey during their first day of orientation when they meet with the RWBC. The health survey has two purposes. First, to introduce you to the process of periodically pausing to reflect on your lifestyle and health behaviors from which you can consider adjustments to support your well-being. Second, to provide information to RWBC and the residency programs on the strengths and vulnerabilities of the residents as a group which then informs our efforts to support your well-being. Residents anonymously complete the health survey during a short meeting with the RWBC. During that meeting, we address survey critical items related to depression and burnout, which were identified in analyses we conducted in the past of the health survey with the Maslach Burnout Inventory and Beck Depression Inventory. You are encouraged to identify two strengths in your answers and two vulnerabilities. Next, we direct you to the Self-Care Plans topic pages on the RWBC website for guidance on how to make healthy changes. About a month later, group-based results are provided to you to help you recognize your group's strengths, vulnerabilities and the critical role of mutual support. Finally, we encourage you to view the Neighborhood Watch RWBC topic page to learn how to speak up and support each other.

Here are several examples of how your health surveys support RWBC activities. Survey results helped RWBC identify the importance of advocating for residents to have primary care providers and mentors. Survey results helped program directors realize that many residents arrive with no prior training in how to ask for or receive feedback and that we need to address that here rather than assume it's been done in medical school. Linked here are some examples of results from the 2017 resident health surveys.

The current Health Survey is attached here. You are welcome to print it and complete it. Then identify strengths in your answers and perhaps two areas in which you could improve. In particular, note the critical items which have an * listed next to them. Then consider the Self-Care Plan topics pages for guidance on how to make changes. Especially if you endorsed any of the critical items, please consider a consult with us. Always, RWBC members are available to consult with you at any time about your self-care and wellbeing.