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 Dermatology Frequently Asked Questions

​​​​​Do I have to perform research as part of my residency training? 

Research and scholarly activity are required of all ACGME-accredited residency training programs. However, no resident will be forced to participate in bench research or other projects which do not interest the individual resident. Scholarly projects will be chosen, proposed, approved, performed and reported with end results fit for publication.

​​Will I need to complete an internship before I start dermatology training at Marshfield Clinic, and can I get that training there?

Yes, each candidate will need to successfully complete a qualifying internship prior to starting as a dermatology resident at Marshfield Clinic. There are no internship options currently available at this location.

Do you accept non-traditional applicants? 

Marshfield Clinic Dermatology Residency program is interested in matching the best applicants for our position. We accept qualified applicants even when these applicants have prior training experiences in other categorical residencies, come from an osteopathic background, or come from a foreign country. To date, we have interviewed candidates from all three of these circumstances. We have matched multiple residents with prior GME training.