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Ophthalmology and Optometry

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Ophthalmology and Optometry Department specializes in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of vision problems and eye diseases. 

Optometry offers primary eye care services. Through laser vision surgery, we can help reduce dependence on eyeglasses in cases of nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism.

We offer medical, laser and surgical treatment of:

  • Glaucoma
  • Retinal diseases
  • Corneal and external eye diseases
  • Eyelid and eye watering problems
  • Orbital diseases

Lasik eye surgery

Imagine the freedom of life without the hassle of corrective lenses!
Quick, virtually painless, and effective, Marshfield Clinic LASIK laser eye surgery offers the most advanced laser technology in the region, letting more people than ever before benefit from this life-changing procedure.
It’s also a program you can trust. Marshfield Clinic’s team has the tools, capabilities and expertise to give you great results. A full spectrum of care (including sub-specialty care) includes extensive pre- and post-surgical care and guidance through the entire process – including paperwork and insurance assistance.
Laser eye surgery is a serious medical procedure and shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you are not a good candidate for laser eye surgery, we will not perform the surgery. This responsible approach helps you experience the best outcomes possible.
Call 1-866-MC-LASIK to arrange an evaluation. You’ll get an upfront explanation of how refractive surgery can benefit you. There are no hidden fees. All costs are included in one price, which may be covered by insurance.

Lasik eye surgery procedures

Candidates for LASIK laser eye surgery should be at least 21 years old, have healthy eyes, stable vision and a refractive error within the range of effective treatment. You will be thoroughly evaluated by your eye doctor to determine if you are a good candidate and could benefit from the surgery.

Specific laser eye surgery technologies offered by Marshfield Clinic include Standard Refractive eye surgery, which is performed using the Visx Star S4 Active Track Excimer Laser system. This provides extra safety and precision during the procedure by verifying the correct position of your eye before every laser pulse. Real-time eye tracking enables the laser to lock onto the center of the pupil, even if the patient moves their eye.

Our Lasik eye surgery services:

  • CustomVue, a newer technology, helps treat complex prescriptions by providing a precise, highly detailed analysis of your vision, almost like a 3D fingerprint of your eye. This helps your ophthalmologist customize your laser eye surgery for better results. In particular, it can reduce the chance of night-vision disturbances and glare. It also reduces any existing distortions, including irregular astigmatism and spherical aberration, leading to potentially fewer visual side effects and improved quality of vision after refractive eye surgery.
  • Blade-Free Custom LASIK, IntraLase 100% bladeless technology, allows surgery to be performed without requiring a blade to prepare the cornea for laser eye surgery. This method shortens recovery time for most patients.

Philip Smith, M.D.,  is an ophthalmologist who performs Lasik surgery at these locations:

Marshfield Clinic Wausau
2727 Plaza Dr., Wausau, WI 54401
1-866-MC-LASIK (1-866-625-2745)

Marshfield Clinic Stevens Point Center
4100 State Highway 66, Stevens Point, WI 54482
1-866-MC-LASIK (1-866-625-2745)

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