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Telehealth from home appointments

Access to quality health care, from where you are 

Staying connected with your provider is important for your health. We offer telehealth appointments as one convenient way for you to see your provider. We can connect you with your provider via telephone, laptop or other mobile device from your own home. 

What is a telehealth from home appointment?

We have been providing telehealth appointments since 1997. And, as telehealth technology has evolved, so have we. 

Telehealth from home appointments allow you to use your smartphone, laptop or other mobile device to see your provider when, where and how you want. Telehealth from home appointments reduce travel and wait times and keep you safe when social distancing is necessary.

How does a telehealth from home appointment work?

During your telehealth from home appointment, you’ll be able to see and speak with your provider as though you were both in the same room. Your visit will take place through an app that will be provided to you in an email you will receive prior to your telehealth from home appointment. 

The user-friendly Cisco Webex app will work on nearly any mobile device or laptop that has:

  • An internet connection.
  • A web camera.
  • A microphone.
  • Speakers (internal or attached).
  • A web browser. (Google Chrome is the preferred web browser.)

You may be scheduled for in-person lab or other tests ahead of your telehealth from home appointment. These tests are necessary for your provider to care for you.

Is a telehealth appointment an option for my condition?

For primary care and many specialties, you can access visits with your provider and other health care services through a telehealth from home appointment.

How can you schedule a telehealth from home appointment?

Contact your doctor’s office. Your health care team will know if a telehealth from home visit is right for you. 

New patients can access telehealth from home appointments, too.  

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In-person doctor appointment not an option? Perhaps a telehealth appointment is  

During the COVID-19 pandemic, telehealth from home appointments can connect patients to their provider via laptop or mobile device. Read more

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What our patients say about their telehealth appointment experience

“I had a great and very thorough telehealth appointment with my PCP yesterday! Grateful to have this option when applicable.” 

“I had a wonderful telehealth visit with my pulmonologist and it was great. Didn’t have to leave my house.” 

“My wife and I are looking forward to using this service whenever possible.”

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