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Spiritual Services

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​​​​​​​​​​​​Caring for the mind, body and spirit of patients, families and health care workers.

Spiritual Services enriches lives by providing a ministry of presence to patients, families and health care professionals regardless of their religious affiliation or spiritual orientation or lack thereof. 

At Marshfield Clinic Health System, we recognize that a hospitalization can result in life changing events, and your emotional and spiritual health may also require expert attention. Our Spiritual Services team is available at multiple hospital locations and consists of experienced and dedicated chaplains.

Our chaplains bring a healing presence to each individual by:

  • Offering love, hope and comfort.
  • Journeying with them in their pain.
  • Honoring their dignity.
  • Promoting respect for their beliefs and values irrespective of faith or religious affiliation

What do our chaplains do?

Our Spiritual Services team can emotionally and spiritually support patients and families in a variety of ways during their health care journey.

They are able to:

  • Make visits, respond to referrals and participate in patient care conferences and chart on critical cases.
  • Assess spiritual and emotional needs of patients and families.
  • Offer prayer and presence.
  • Offer and provide spiritual care and emotional support for patients and families concerning:
    • Surgery and difficult diagnosis.
    • Medical emergency/Code Blue.
    • Grief and bereavement.
    • Traumas.
    • Death (including appropriate rituals).
    • Ethical dilemmas.
  • Provide guidance on advance directives, end-of-life decisions and organ donation.
  • Provide for sacramental needs, such as baptism (in emergency cases), communion and other sacraments provided by community clergy, upon request.
  • Facilitate referrals to clerics of all religions and spiritual orientations.
  • Facilitate or assist with various support groups.

Spiritual Services near you

Marshfield Clinic Health System provides spiritual support at multiple hospitals including our Beaver Dam, Eau Claire, Marshfield, Minocqua, Rice Lake, Stevens Point and Weston locations. We also have designated rooms meant to be used by patients, family, visitors and staff as quiet places for reflection, meditation and prayer in times of stress or celebration. 

Marshfield Medical Center in Marshfield

At Marshfield Medical Center in Marshfield, chaplain services are available 24/7 with multiple chaplains on hand to bring a healing presence to your healthcare journey.

A multi-faith chapel is located on the first floor for meditation and prayer. This chapel is for people of all faiths and spirituality.

Learn more

Call 715-389-6601 to speak directly to the on-call chaplain.

Call 715-387-7753 to reach the Spiritual Services office.

Marshfield Medical Center-Beaver Dam​

Our Beaver Dam hospital is home to an on-site chaplain available 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. on weekdays. Volunteer chaplains are also available during after hours and on the weekends. Hospital staff can contact these volunteers when needed. 

A meditation room is located off the main hospital lobby and is open 24/7 for anyone needing to use the space. 

Call 920-887-5948 to speak directly to our area chaplain.

Marshfield Medical Center-Eau Claire

Our Eau Claire hospital is home to an on-site chaplain who is dedicated to providing emotional and spiritual support. Chaplain services are available weekdays 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Emergency spiritual care is available during the off hours.

A meditation room is located on the ground floor between the front entrance lobby and emergency department waiting room. This meditation room is open 24/7.

Call 715-858-8557 to speak directly to our area chaplain.​

Marshfield Medical Center-Ladysmith

Marshfield Medical Center-Ladysmith has a meditation room available on the hospital's inpatient u​nit.​

Marshfield Medical Center-Minocqua

A meditation room is located on the first floor, by the emergency room.

Call 715-389-6601 to speak directly to our on-call chaplain based in Marshfield.

Marshfield Medical Center-Rice Lake​

Spiritual support at Marshfield Medical Center-Rice Lake is provided by the community clergy.

A meditation room is located on the first floor. A meditation garden is located outside of Oncology and is available to anyone.

If a patient is interested in Rice Lake's community clergy services, they can notify a doctor or healthcare worker during their hospital visit.

Stevens Point - Marshfield Medical Center-River Region

Spiritual support at Ma​rshfield Medical Center-River Region Stevens Point Campus is provided by chaplains in Weston. 

Call 715-393-2563 to speak directly to our on-call chaplain.

Marshfield Medical Center-Weston

​ Our Weston hospital offers 24/7 spiritual care from multiple chaplains to help bring a healing presence to your healthcare journey.

A chapel is located near the main entrance of the hospital.

Call 715-393-2563 to speak directly to our on-call chaplain.

Image of chaplain talking to health care patients

What role does spiritual care play in health care?

Caring for spiritual beliefs is not one size fits all. Spiritual caregivers help patients, families & workers process thoughts and emotions. Read more

Additional Resources

The links below include guides for those dealing with grief and further information on local spiritual organizations. Our Spiritual Services team is welcoming to all religious affiliations and can offer additional resources to any patient upon request.

Grief Resource Guide

Diocese of LaCrosse

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) – Northwest Synod of Wisconsin

The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (LCMS) – North Wisconsin District

The Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS)