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Reconstructive surgery

​​​Whether you’ve had a traumatic injury or are going through cancer, our plastic surgeons have the experience and training you need for reconstructive surgery.

Available services include:​​​​​​​​​​​

Breast implant removal

This surgery can be performed for a variety of reasons including rupture of implant or desire to have the implant removed.

Breast reconstruction

Creating a new breast after one is removed, usually due to breast cancer. New breast can be created with an implant, your own body fat or by rearranging tissue from another part of your body to fill in the space.

Breast reduction

Removes a significant amount of breast tissue and repositions the breast to help relieve back, shoulder and neck pain. Many patients find relief of other symptoms like rashes, and also report improved self-confidence.

Cleft lip and palate repair

Surgically corrects and improves the function as well as the appearance of birth defects in the lip and palate of the mouth.

Congenital anomalies

Surgically improving appearance and functions of areas of the body that have an abnormal look or function from birth.

Craniosynostosis surgery

Surgically reshapes the skull to allow for brain growth and development. This is done using your own bone, without any mesh or foreign body.


Removes excess skin and fat from the lower abdomen to help prevent rashes and improve comfort.

Hand surgery

Our surgeons perform carpal tunnel release with minimally invasive or open surgery. Other services include Dupuytren contracture release, trigger finger release, repair of lacerations and foreign body removal.

Scar revision

Scars can become painful and more exaggerated at times. This can be improved by injecting the area with steroid or surgically removing the old scar to improve contour, look and feel.

Tissue expansion – breast reconstruction

  • Breast reconstruction is different for every patient. One option is to place tissue expanders in the breast pocket after a mastectomy. A small amount of fluid is then injected on a weekly basis in clinic until the desired volume is reached. The tissue expanders are then removed and the permanent implant is placed. Tissue expanders may be needed in patients who will need radiation therapy or for patients who desire to have larger breasts after reconstruction.
  • Tissue expansion can be done in situations where more skin is needed for closure during surgery. The procedure can be planned months in advance.

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