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Peripheral artery disease treatments

​Your doctor may recommend different treatment options depending on the severity of your symptoms and the results you want. In some cases, changes in diet and exercise may be enough to relieve minor symptoms.

If these options do not work, a vein specialist can treat peripheral artery disease in their suite with certain procedures including:

Catheter directed thrombolysis

Peripheral artery disease can be treated from inside by inserting a catheter into the artery through a tiny incision in the skin. Your doctor would then administer a medicine inside of the artery to dissolve the blood clot.

Arterial surgery

Your doctor may recommend many different options for arterial surgery. Angioplasty is where a small mesh tube called a stent is placed in the artery to keep it open and let more blood through. The doctor may also remove some of the plaque using an atherectomy procedure. In other cases, the doctor will send blood around the blockage using bypass surgery.