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Marshfield Clinic Dermatologists are experts in identifying and solving your skin problems.

Your skin is your largest organ. It's your body's first line of defense against many medical conditions.

It protects you from the elements as well as organisms that can make you ill.

The environment can damage your skin and expose it to disease.

Problems range from simple rashes to life-threatening melanoma, a deadly form of skin cancer.

Your Marshfield Clinic skin expert has the best treatment options for your condition.

Many skin problems are readily treatable, including milder forms of skin cancer.

The sun may be your skin's worst enemy.

The sun directly causes skin cancers and damages your skin.​​

Viruses, bacteria and fungi also create skin issues.

Below are some of the skin conditions and treatments we offer.​​​​

 Melanoma Screening

Take the Atopic Dermatitis Quiz

Atopic dermatitis is a chronic skin condition marked by inflamed and itchy skin. It can be inherited, and it affects millions of Americans. The following quiz, based on information from the National Institutes of Health, offers helpful facts about the condition.

1. People who have atopic dermatitis also may have:
2. Which group of people is more likely to develop atopic dermatitis?
3. One characteristic of atopic dermatitis is:
4. Atopic dermatitis is also often called:
5. In the past, healthcare providers thought which of these caused atopic dermatitis?
6. Which is a symptom of atopic dermatitis?
7. Some people with atopic dermatitis develop:
8. The skin of a person with atopic dermatitis is more susceptible to: