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Support Research: Precision Medicine

smiling woman and child

When you were young, how did you imagine your future?

Four-year-old Sarah doesn’t spend her days worrying about her high risk of breast cancer. But her parents do worry... wonder... and hope.

Sarah, and children like her, are focused on a bright future. And so are the scientists at Marshfield Clinic. A future where better prevention, better detection and better treatment are possible through research.

At Marshfield Clinic, that future has arrived.

It is called Precision Medicine -- an innovative new approach to disease prevention and treatment that takes into account differences in people’s genes, environments and lifestyles. With your help, we are working to predict potential health challenges and develop the right treatments, given at the right time, at the right dose for each patient.

Children may not have a say in the risks they face. But with better research, the right medicine, and physicians caring for them every step of the way, we can continue to enrich their lives at Marshfield Clinic, as we have for 100 years.

Support Precision Medicine at Marshfield Clinic today.