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MCHS Employee Giving: Recurring payroll deduction

It Starts With Us - MCHS Employee Giving Campaign

​​​​​​​Make your payroll contribution below. Your deduction will begin the next available pay period and will continue until you notify MCHS Foundation.  ​

Please email to make any changes.

Be the difference
for local kids

Kids don't belong in hospitals. But when they need to be, the Marshfield Children's team provides care beyond treatment for kids where and when they need it most.

And that care beyond treatment is possible because of people like you… because your support makes the biggest difference for our littlest patients.

Each year employees like you come together to support the causes most important to you at Marshfield Clinic Health System during Project Shine. During Project Shine 2021, you can be the difference for local kids by supporting pediatric care needs throughout our system.

When you give during Project Shine this year, 100% of your donation will stay local to enhance pediatric care at a Marshfield Medical Center near you… your gifts will help expand Child Life and Expressive Therapies, create more child-friendly spaces, invest in new equipment and provide support to more kids and families in need.​

Thank you for joining Project Shine 2021 and being the difference for local kids.​​

Care for Our Communities

Project Shine is more than an employee giving campaign. It’s a moment when you join together to support the patients, families and employees you care about at Marshfield Clinic Health System. With our communities in crisis facing the COVID-19 pandemic, these people need your help now more than ever before. You can offer immediate aid to those most affected by the COVID-19 outbreak by directing your Project Shine gift to the Angel Fund or HOPE Fund.

The Angel Fund helps our communities, while the HOPE (Help Our Priceless Employees) Fund is specifically for Health System employees. Both of these funds provide financial assistance for non-medical necessities to families in need who are undergoing a health crisis. People battling cancer, sick and injured kids and the elderly are especially at risk during this pandemic. Many of them were already financially strained, and now they are facing even greater fear and uncertainty. 

Over $250,000 is distributed each year from our Angel and HOPE Funds, and this number could double. We are already seeing an increased need for housing, food and utilities with people out of work and resources stretched thin. Gifts to the Angel and HOPE Fund provide gas cards, meal tickets, rent and mortgage payments and other forms of relief. Thank you for helping those who need it most during this unprecedented time.