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Meet the Miracle Kids


Each year, children in the communities we serve are chosen to represent the patients treated at Marshfield Children’s Hospital. 

This year, our Miracle Kids—Michael, Madisyn, Jana, Michael and Hudson—each have a story to share and one thing in common. Their stories are made possible because of support from donors like you!

Help change kids’ health and change the future for kids like our 2023 Miracle Kids and our Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals at Marshfield Children’s Hospital patients and families.​​

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Michael Bluell III, CMN Hospitals at Marshfield Children’s Hospital 2023 Champion

When Michael was just two months old, he was diagnosed with Stage 4S neuroblastoma. His diagnosis led to multiple stays at Marshfield Children’s Hospital over the next two years, including six months in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. 

Michael never stopped fighting. His cancer care team at Marshfield Children’s Hospital made sure Michael had access to the best treatments possible. They also did everything they could to make the hospital feel more like a home.

Child Life Specialists brought Michael toys and encouraged him to play. They hosted a first birthday party for him at Marshfield Children’s Hospital. And they were there on Michael’s “graduation” day in August 2018 when he was declared “no evidence of disease.”

Today, Michael is a typical eleven-year-old boy who loves to play basketball, spend time outdoors, ride his four wheeler and go fishing. Nothing slows Michael down – not even cancer.

Watch Michael's video here​


Madisyn Lang, CMN Hospitals at Marshfield Children’s Hospital 2023 Miracle Kid

Madisyn is a typical teenage girl who loves nothing more than competing in sports, camping, and spending time with friends and family. In June of 2019, Madisyn and her family received news they never imagined they would hear. She was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at 13 years old.

Over the next two years, Madisyn spent countless hours at Marshfield Children’s Hospital, receiving life-saving chemotherapy and treatments to help fight her cancer. From the moment she was admitted, and throughout her intensive journey, Madisyn’s care team was nothing short of amazing. Each and every nurse, doctor and child life specialist went above and beyond to not only take exceptional care of her, but to encourage and comfort her.

She enjoyed her time with members of the Child Life and Expressive Therapies team as those services helped her cope with the procedures and treatments she received on a regular basis. Child life specialists, music therapists and pet therapy were all crucial to Madisyn’s healing process; they allowed her to focus on positive things instead of her illness. 

In October of 2021, Madisyn completed her treatment. She never let her cancer diagnosis stop her from playing her favorite sports or enjoying time with her loved ones—she let it motivate her. Madisyn has big dreams for herself and wants to share the compassion she received with other children and she plans to go on to school to be a Certified Child Life Specialist. 

Watch Madisyn's video her​​​e


Jana Dickert, CMN Hospitals at Marshfield Children’s Hospital 2023 Miracle Kid

October 14, 2021 is the day that Jana and her family’s lives changed forever. At 6 years old, Jana suffered from the unimaginable - a Middle Cerebral Artery Ischemic Stroke. 

To receive the specialized care Jana desperately needed, her family brought her to Marshfield Children’s Hospital, their local children’s hospital. Jana spent minimal time in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and was moved to Pediatrics where she spent five weeks enduring tests, treatments and intensive rehabilitation. 

Throughout Jana’s extended stay at Marshfield Children’s Hospital, her care team, filled with specialists from many different departments, worked together to aid in her recovery since time is of the essence in the stroke recovery process.  Jana’s parents also took on special role, practicing handwriting and playing games to stimulate her brain, and distracting her with fun to help pass the time.  

Jana’s schedule in the hospital filled up quickly and she benefited from it greatly. Jana met with her rehabilitation team for many hours during the week to regain motor skills, coordination and build muscle. Due to the wonderful work with speech therapy to articulate words and work on communication, Jana’s speech came back very quickly. Physical therapy and music therapy aided to more milestones for Jana; she was able to walk for the first time in two weeks and moved her right arm to play the bongo drums. Child Life Specialists were also there for Jana every step of the way, visiting her room each day and often multiple times a day to encourage Jana’s love of arts and crafts and help regain strength through activities she enjoys. 

Since being home from the hospital, Jana and her family still meet with her care team regularly to ensure she continues to progress with outpatient therapies. Despite Jana loving the friends she found in her nurses, therapists and doctors, she is happy to be home with her family, dancing, smiling and continuing to be her determined, positive self!

Watch Jana's video here


Michael Fleury, CMN Hospitals at Marshfield Children’s Hospital 2023 Miracle Kid

Michael’s medical journey began as quickly as he entered the world. At just three days old, Michael underwent his first surgery for a shunt placement and a second surgery for a colostomy. Since then, Michael has had numerous stays at Marshfield Children’s Hospital. However, one thing remains the same; the care Michael receives is beyond what he and his family could have ever hoped.

Child Life Specialists at Marshfield Children’s Hospital have helped make Michael’s time in the hospital a little easier and Michael adores his Child Life Specialists, spending time together and their consideration of him as they always have his favorite items and activities ready for him. However, their compassion goes beyond their patients; the Child Life team affect the family experience at Marshfield Children’s Hospital too. Child Life Specialists have brought peace and comfort to Michael’s parents over the years.

Michael is funny, sweet and caring. He is larger-than-life and shares his love with everyone he meets. Whatever Michael decides to do as he grows, he will do it with a smile!

Watch Michael's video here


Hudson LaCrosse, CMN Hospitals at Marshfield Children’s Hospital 2023 Miracle Kid

Hudson’s story started somewhere unexpected—in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Marshfield Children’s Hospital.

At 23 weeks pregnant, Hudson’s mom was put on bed rest for 10 days due to a tear in the amniotic sack. Physicians at Marshfield Children’s Hospital performed an emergency C-section and Hudson was born at 24.5 weeks, weighing just 1 pound, 11 ounces and measured 13.5 inches long. He was immediately rushed to the neonatologist to be intubated. 

Hudson spent the next three months in the NICU. His premature birth put him at risk for many delays and required him to undergo a heart procedure and spinal tap at only 2 and 5 weeks old, respectively. The specialized care the NICU team provided him—along with his own strength and will—allowed him to continue to grow. Although still on oxygen, it was on Mother’s Day of 2010 that Hudson was finally able to go home to be with his family. 

As Hudson has continued to grow, he has experienced new services with Marshfield Children’s Hospital. At age four, Hudson was diagnosed with autism. Since then, specialty services like physical, occupational and speech therapies as well as the autism clinic have supported his individual needs and encouraged his continuation to thrive.

Today, at 13 years old, Hudson still shows incredible strength. He loves Roblox, bowling and playing his Nintendo Switch. As Hudson continues to grow, so does his future and the world of possibilities!​

Watch Hudson's video here