​Childhood Cancer Awareness

Make a gift today and show your support for these special patients and families.

Each year, more than 400 children with cancer are treated at Marshfield Clinic.  Throughout their treatment plan, which lasts an average of three years, these children are seen by our pediatric oncology team about 150 times.   Marshfield Clinic puts gifts from people like you to use supporting these children and their families everyday.  There isn’t a portion of the pediatric cancer patient experience that isn’t impacted by philanthropic support - from enhancing the waiting area and treatment rooms to make them engaging and child friendly; to providing clinical trials which give patients access to the newest advancements in cancer research; to providing financial help with parents are struggling to provide basic necessities for their families. Thank you for making a gift today to show these families they are not fighting alone!  If you have any questions, contact Marshfield Clinic Development at giving@marshfieldclinic.org​ or 1-800-858-5220.