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 Primary Care Emergency Medicine Evaluation

​Evaluation Process

The fellow will receive written evaluations after each block rotation and will meet monthly with the program director to discuss the evaluations and to monitor the fellow's progress.

360° evaluations will be performed quarterly and will include written evaluations from emergency department staff, nurses, physician consultants and other ancillary staff to provide further evaluation of the fellow's progress.

At month seven, a written examination consisting of a variety of emergency medicine topics, numbering 100 questions, will be administered to the fellow. Results of the exam will be discussed with the fellow by the program director.

Beginning at month nine of the fellowship, mock oral examinations will be held on two occasions to improve the fellow's readiness to pass this exam style. This ensures the fellow becomes comfortable with this examination process and can effectively communicate the knowledge and skills they have obtained in the fellowship.

One month prior to the completion of the fellowship, the program director and fellow will discuss/critique the fellowship curriculum to further enhance the program.