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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​As a Post-Doctoral Psychology Fellow, you can rely on the expertise and dedication of your supervisors to help you attain your training goals. Our faculty members choose to include teaching and supervision as an important part of their career. You will find them to be passionate about education, patient care and your success. Fellows receive at least three hours of individual supervision per week. To give you a sense for our clinical learning environment and why our faculty choose to practice at MCHS, we did a Three Good Things about practicing at MCHS discussion recently. The Three Good Things is based in positive psychology: see this You Tube for a description. He​re are the faculty's Three Good Things about practicing here.

​Meet our Faculty

Stacy Braun Stacy Braun, Ph.D., ABPP, Program Director

School: Southern Illinois University-Carbondale (2009)

Internship: Indiana University School of Medicine (2009)

Fellowship: Marshfield Clinic-Child/Adolescent Psychology (2011)

Professional Societies: American Psychological Association, Society of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology, Wisconsin Psychological Association, Society of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities/Autism Spectrum Disorder; Association of Psychologists in Academic Health Centers, Association of Behavior and Cognitive Therapy; American Board of Professional Psychology

Professional Interests:Child/Adolescent psychology; anxiety; depression; eating disorders; psychological assessment; autism evaluations

Video introduction from Dr. Braun


Julie KaprelianJulie Kaprelian, Psy.D.

School: Chicago School of Professional Psychology (2013)

Internship: Denver Health Medical Center (2013)

Fellowship: Marshfield Clinic-Pediatric Psychology (2015)

Professional Societies: American Psychological Association, Society of Pediatric Psychology, Society of Health Psychology, Collaborative Family Healthcare Association

Professional Interests: Pediatric psychology, adjusting and coping to medical diagnoses, integrating psychological services into primary care, brief cognitive behavioral therapy strategies, binge eating disorder treatment; integrated behavioral health in pediatrics

Video introduction from Dr. Kaprelian

Stephanie KohlbeckStephanie L. Kohlbeck, Ph.D. 

School: Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama (1997)

Internship: University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, Oklahoma City (1997)

Fellowship: Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland - Pediatric Psychology (1998)

Professional Societies: American Psychological Association; Society of Pediatric Psychology; Wisconsin Psychological Association; Collaborative Family Healthcare Association​​​​​​

Professional Interests: Pediatric psychology; adjustment and coping with medical conditions; cognitive behavioral therapy with children and adolescents presenting with internalizing disorders; behavior therapy/parenting skills for behavior disorders; encopresis and enuresis treatment; integrated behavioral health in pediatrics

Video introduction from Dr. Kohlbeck

​Michael D. Miller, Ph.D., Emeritus

School: Purdue University, West Lafayette, Ind. (1984)

Internship: University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, Oklahoma City (1984)

Professional Societies: American Psychological Association; Society of Pediatric Psychology; Division of Clinical Child Psychology; Midwestern Psychological Association

Professional Interests: Pediatric psychology; attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder; medically-related psychological disorders; feeding and sleeping disorders; issues of death and dying; behavior therapy; high risk infants and younger children.​​​


Michael J. Schulein, Ph.D., Emeritus

School: University of Montana, Missoula (1983)

Internship: Children's Memorial Hospital, Chicago (1983)

Professional Societies: American Psychological Association (APA); Wisconsin Psychological Association; Children and Adults with ADD (CHADD); Section on Clinical Child Psychology, Section 1, Division 12 of the APA

Professional Interests:  Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder; parent-child conflict; depression; anxiety; adoption; out of home placement; ethics; leadership

Stephanie KohlbeckMyra D. West, Psy.D.

School:  University of Denver (2003)

Internship:  Advocate Christ Medical Center/Family Care Network, Oak Lawn, IL (2002)

Fellowship: La Rabida Children’s Hospital, Chicago, IL. (2004)

Professional Societies: American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children; American Psychological Association; International Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect; International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation; International Society for Traumatic Stress Stud


Professional Interests: Trauma-focused assessment and treatment of children exposed to potentially traumatic events including: sexual, physical and emotional abuse; neglect; child abductions; home invasions; witnessing domestic or community violence; medical traumatic stress (i.e., pediatric burn, stabbing and gunshot patients); and law enforcement and first responders exposed to potentially traumatic events.


Stephanie KohlbeckRachel Young, Psy.D.

School:  Illinois School of Professional Psychology - Argosy University (2015) 

Internship:  Child and Family Guidance Center, California (2015) ​​​​​

Fellowship: Marshfield Clinic - Pediatric Psychology Fellow (2015-2017)

Professional Societies: Society of Pediatric Psychology

Professional Interests: Pediatric psychology, adjustment and coping with medical conditions, integrated behavioral health in pediatrics, issues of death and dying, depression, anxiety and parenting skills.

Video introduction from Dr. Young​


Stephanie KohlbeckKelsie-Marie Offenwanger, Psy.D.

School: Adler University, Illinois (2017)

Internship: Virginia Beach City Public Schools, Virginia (2017)

Fellowship: Marshfield Medical Center- Pediatric Psychology (2019)

Professional Societies: American Psychological Association (APA), National Register of Health Service Psychologists, Society of Clinical Child & Adolescent Psychology, Illinois Psychological Association

Professional Interests: Pediatric and child psychology, nonsuicidal self-injury, autism spectrum disorder, school-based interventions, psychoeducational consultation, behavior therapy/parenting skills for behavior disorders of young children, telehealth.

Stephanie KohlbeckSamantha Eastberg, Ph.D.

School: University of Nebraska, Lincoln (2020) 

Internship: Munroe Meyer Institute for Rehabilitation and Genetics – Rural Integrated Care (2020)

Fellowship: Marshfield Clinic Health System - Clinical Child & Adolescent  Psychology (2022)

Professional Societies: American Psychological Association

Professional Interests: Behavioral therapy/parenting strategies, treatment for anxiety and depression, psychological assessment, community education, behavioral health consultation for children/adolescents with genetic disorders and their families, collaboration with other professionals/continuation of care​

Adjunct Faculty

Stacy BraunJoseph T. Chojnacki, Ph.D.

School: Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio (1992)

Internship: Illinois State University, Normal, IL (1992)

Professional Societies: American Psychological Association; National Register for Health Service Providers in Psychology; Psychologists for Social Responsibilities

Professional Interests: Adult Psychology; Psychological Testing and Assessment; Health Psychology; Sleep Medicine; Bariatric Psychology; Seasonal Affective Disorder; Career and Life Planning; Sexual Orientation; Interpersonal Relationships; Coping with Chronic Medical Conditions

Video introduction from Dr. Chojnacki

Julie Kaprelian Jacob Diestelmann, Ph.D.

School: University of Wisconsin – Madison, Department of Counseling Psychology (2017), APA Accredited Program

Internship: Syracuse Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Syracuse, NY (2017), APA Accredited Internship

Fellowship Training Activities: Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Health: Outpatient Assessment and Consultation, Outpatient Psychotherapy, and Psychological Testing Services; Outpatient Medical Specialty Services: Hematology/Oncology, Sleep Medicine, Bariatric Surgery, and Otolaryngology (ENT)

Career Placement Post-Fellowship: Clinical and Health Psychology Faculty at Marshfield Clinic Health System - Marshfield Medical Center

Professional Societies: Society of Counseling Psychology; Society for the Advancement of Psychotherapy; Society for Health Psychology

Professional Interests: Posttraumatic Stress and trauma and recovery, depression and anxiety disorders, in-depth diagnostic and assessment services, health psychology and the integration of behavioral health into primary care and specialty medicine

Video introduction from Dr. Diestelmann


Stephanie KohlbeckMichael E. M. Larson, Ph.D.

School:  Oklahoma State University (1998)

Internship:  West Virginia University - School of Medicine, Morgantown (1998)

Fellowship: North Central Wisconsin Rehabilitation Associates, SC / Wausau Spine and Neurosciences, LLC, Wausau, WI – Pain / Health Psychology (2000)

Professional Societies: American Pain Society, American Psychological Association, National Registry of Health Service Providers in Psychology, Wisconsin Psychological Association, Midwest Pain Society

Professional Interests: Pain/Health Psychology; Sleep Medicine; Bariatric/Weight Loss Psychology; Coping with Chronic Medical Conditions; Urine Drug Testing for Pain Management and Substance Use Disorders; Substance Use Disorders/Opioid Use Disorders; Chronic Opioid Therapy for Chronic Non-Cancer Pain; Psychosomatic Medicine


Stephanie KohlbeckJennifer Michels, Ph.D., ABPP (Adult Psychology Fellowship Program Director)

School: Southern Illinois University-Carbondale (1999)

Internship: University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, Department of Psychiatry (1999)

Fellowship: University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, Department of Psychiatry (2001)

Professional Societies: American Psychological Association; Wisconsin Psychological Association; National Register of Health Service Psychologists; American Psychosocial Oncology Society

Professional Interests: Anxiety disorders; depression and other mood disorders; cognitive behavioral psychotherapy; psychosocial oncology; adjustment to medical conditions; psychological assessment; personality disorders; physician/staff well being; education

Video introduction from Dr. Michel​s


Meet Our Current Fellows​

Stephanie Kohlbeck Kristina Kochanova, Ph.D. 

School: Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL (2022)

Internship: Rogers Behavioral Health, Oconomowoc and West Allis, WI (2022)

Fellowship: Marshfield Clinic Health System and Marshfield Children's Hospital – Pediatric Psychology (Current)

Professional Societies: American Psychological Association, Society of Pediatric Psychology, Society of Clinical Psychology, Society of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology

Professional Interests: Pediatric psychology, adjustment and coping with medical conditions, cognitive behavioral therapy, parent-child interaction therapy, inpatient consultation-liaison service, issues of death and dying, anxiety, depression, emotional and behavioral concerns in children and adolescents, parent management training, parenting stress, and interdisciplinary collaboration​