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 Resident Research Opportunities

As an Internal Medicine Resident, you have the opportunity to become involved in active research projects with access to Marshfield Clinic Research Institute.

Most residents coming to Marshfield Medical Center voluntarily involve themselves in active research projects. 

What type of research projects are current residents interested in most? 

Most residents get involved in case series, retrospective and prospective studies. 

What are the research-related resources available to me as a resident? 


  • Monthly meetings with our research coordinator to get details of ongoing projects and available mentors willing to assist residents with research projects. 
  • Free access to vast online literature through Medical Library.
  • Funding available for research projects from research division. 
  • Professional help in IRB protocols, data abstraction, biostatistics and scientific writing. 
  • PubMed indexed Marshfield Clinic Health System Internal Journal - Clinical Medicine and Research Journal
  • Electronic records of patients dating back three decades. 


How can I find a mentor for research of interest to me? 

Most faculty at Marshfield Medical Center is willing to help residents if they show genuine interest toward a specialty. Brian Finnegan, research facilitator, also helps residents find mentors or join ongoing projects. 

Does Marshfield Clinic collaborate with other well-known institutions for research? 

Yes. We do collaborate with other well-known institutions like University of Wisconsin, Madison, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, and others.