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Customer Feedback Panel

​Participants needed for customer feedback

Our vision at Marshfield Clinic Health System is to innovate and define the future of health care for generations: "We will be the consumer's first choice for health care." To reach this goal, the Health System needs consumer opinions.

We are looking for participants to provide feedback on new and current services by taking part in feedback sessions. Participant input will help us provide better health care experiences for our customers.

Each feedback session will typically last an hour. During the session, Health System staff may ask customers about their experience using Health System services like a website, app or other service. Participants also may be asked to complete a few tasks using our service or complete a survey. Participants usually receive compensation for their time.

If you or someone you know is interested in being part of the Customer Feedback Panel, please click the button to take our survey or call 800-683-1992 to sign up.

Survey Sign Up

​Have any questions about the panel? Contact us via phone or email.