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Occupational and Employee Health at Marshfield Medical Center-Eau Claire

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​​​​​The Occupational and Employee Health at Marshfield Medical Center-Eau Claire​ team performs a variety of essential services that improve the safety and well-being of employees in the workplace.

From work-related issues and illnesses to regulatory medicine to commercial driver​ license exams, we have the experience and expertise needed to reduce risk and increase productivity.

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Return to work program

If you experience a workplace injury that impacts your ability to perform normal job duties, we are here to help with return to work programs. We evaluate how much you can complete the physical requirements for your job using a Functional Capacity Exam and develop a plan for continued work in a light-duty capacity. We can help you calculate your Days Away, Restricted, or Transferred (DART) Rate for lost time that may have been missed.

Drug screening program

We offer a variety of drug screening programs, including:

  • New hires
  • Random
  • For cause or reasonable suspicion

We will upload the chain of custody forms and obtain the MRO results or negative results.

Post offer pre-placement exam

Pre-placement exams are important for the employee and the employer, since they help make sure you can safely perform the tasks associated with your position. Our Functional Capacity Exam will assess whether you can perform the specific requirements detailed in your job description. We are even able to print the results of the exam afterwards.

Respiratory protection program

Harmful contaminants can be a major hazard at some workplaces. Our respiratory protection program set up procedures and testing to ensure proper air safety and quality while on the job. We provide respirator clearance exams to decide whether employees are capable of effectively wearing a respirator. Our team can help schedule upcoming appointments and keep track of when someone is up next for a test.

Hearing conservation

Our hearing conservation program is designed to protect employees from significant occupational noise exposure. Our access to audiometric testing helps track a worker’s hearing over time. We also monitor who is due and when for audiometry and help with scheduling for mobile audiology.

Commercial Driver Medical Examination (DOT physical)

Before safely operating a commercial vehicle, a DOT physical is often required to make sure you’re healthy and fit enough to log the long hours behind the wheel. We will also print you medical card, help schedule exams and notify you when your certificate expires.


Our Occupational Health team will make sure you are up to date on required immunizations and when your next ones are needed.

Medical surveillance

When working in a setting where health hazards may exist, employee medical surveillance helps track and identify possible health hazards. This program helps ensure that early steps can be taken to keep people safe. We offer a list of physical exam, lab and imaging requirements and will keep you posted on when the next routine exams are needed.

Bloodborne Pathogen program

Bloodborne Pathogen standards help keep employees if they may be at risk of exposure to blood or other infectious materials. We monitor the number of exposures and keep track of when the next labs are needed.

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