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 School of Radiography - Goals & Student Outcomes and Program Effectiveness Data

Program Outcome

Graduates will be clinically competent to assist in continually improving the health and well-being of all people in the community they service.

Goals and Student Outcomes:


Students/Graduates will be clinically competent.

  • Students will routinely produce diagnostic quality radiographs.
  • Students will evaluate the content of a completed radiograph.
  • Students will apply radiation protection principles.

Students/Graduates will employ critical thinking skills.

  • Students will be able to alter exam protocols to meet patient needs.
  • Students will independently identify and seek solutions for deficits.

Students/Graduates will demonstrate professional behaviors.

  • Students will demonstrate independence.
  • Students will employ patient confidentiality.
  • Students will explain appropriate ethical behaviors.

Students/Graduates will effectively communicate.

  • Students will provide patient with education regarding radiographic exams.
  • Students will apply medical terminology at appropriate times.

Students/Graduates will provide a high level of patient care.

  • Students will predict patient needs
  • Students will assess patient condition.

Program Effectiveness Data

Program Effectiveness Data is information required to be displayed for JRCERT accreditation
( For more information, please refer to the video.