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 Prerequisites for Child Life Practicum

​Complete practicum prerequisites before submitting your application.

1. College transcripts: Junior status

Provide your transcripts and a list of current coursework. You must be at least of junior standing and have completed Child Development and Child Life Theory coursework.

2. One letter of recommendation

Provide a professional letter from a mentor/supervisor of volunteer/work experience or from an educational advisor.

3. University contract with hospital

Talk to your advisor to learn if a contract is in place. For more information, contact Heidi Giese, Child Life & Expressive Therapies manager:

Association of Child Life Professionals (ACLP) does not require additional protocol for practicum. Child Life practicums also are not accepted to become eligible for certification.

In keeping with ACLP standards, we don't have further prerequisites at this time.

After meeting prerequisites, complete your application

After acceptance of practicum

Once your materials are submitted, we've completed interviews and you accept the opportunity, you will need to complete health work at least six weeks prior to your start date.