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 Mission and objectives of a Child Life Practicum

​​Our mission in Child Life & Expressive Therapies is to minimize stressful and potentially negative i​mpacts of hospitalization to maximize opportunities for positive and supportive experiences.

During your time as a practicum student, you're a part of providing Child Life & Expressive Therapies to fulfill our mission.

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Practicum at Marshfield Children'​s gives you opportunities to become familiar with Child Life and medical settings. Your experience will provide a knowledge base to continue pursuing a Child Life career.

Practicum objectives

  • To become familiar with hospital and clinic settings.
  • To understand importance of family-centered care.
  • To understand importance of cultural diversity.
  • To learn therapeutic play and successfully carry out play interventions.
  • To identify factors that affect a child's ability to cope with illness or hospitalization.
  • To observe and become knowledgeable in medical play.
  • To observe and become knowledgeable with various forms of preparation.
  • To have exposure to a variety of charting methods.
  • To identify coping techniques to be utilized by a variety of age groups and developmental levels.
  • To gain knowledge of a variety of procedures through observation.
  • To demonstrate professionalism.
  • To maintain confidentiality, safety and infection control guidelines.
  • To reflect and evaluate your experience.