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Keeping your little ones at their best​

Here at Marshfield Clinic, we understand that you’re doing everything you can to make sure your child stays healthy. We also understa​​nd that extra encouragement can go a long way. That’s where Doc Marsh comes in. 

 Doc Marsh standing and smiling

Doc Marsh is a character created by Marshfield Clinic currently residing only in the Eau Claire, Colby/Abbotsford and Weston clinic locations to help educate your  child on  nutrition, activity, rest and safety. He also serves as a resource for you, supporting and helping you teach your child healthy habits. 

When you and your child visit a pediatrician or family medicine provider at one of these Marshfield Clinic locations, Doc Marsh materials will be available to provide comfort and to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Doc Marsh materials are aimed at children ages four through nine and are there to help them form a positive emotional connection to their experiences at the Clinic. This positive connection, in turn, helps you and physicians successfully encourage healthy habits.​

Together, we can keep your family at their best.

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Core areas for child development​​​​​​
There are four key areas crucial to child development: activity, rest, nutrition, and safety. Doc Marsh is here to help your child focus on those areas.  With both your and Doc Marsh’s support, getting your family to make healthier choices will be much easier. 

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Frequently asked questions

We understand you may have some questions about our newest Marshfield Clinic family addition. Explore the FAQs below, and if you still have questions, please contact our staff. They are more than happy to help.

  • Who is Doc Marsh?

    Doc Marsh is a character created by Marshfield Clinic to help engage and teach young patients about health. He also serves as a resource for you, supporting and helping you teach your children healthy habits.


    Why use a character?

    Characters like Doc Marsh help children develop a lasting emotional connection, making learning about healthy habits easier and more effective.

    What kind of animal is Doc Marsh?

    Doc Marsh is a sandhill crane, a species of large crane of North America that is indigenous to this area.

  • Does Doc Marsh see all patients?

    No. Doc Marsh focuses on patients ages 4-9 who are generally in the pediatric and family medicine departments.

    What centers will Doc Marsh be in?

    Doc Marsh will start in the Eau Claire, Oakwood, Weston and Colby/Abbotsford centers, but will eventually be in all Clinic centers.

    What kind of doctor is Doc Marsh?

    He is a pediatrician and has joined other clinic physicians who care for children. They work together to keep their young patients healthy.

  • What does Doc Marsh do?

    Doc Marsh is here to help you and your child. He brings comfort, promotes a healthy lifestyle and fulfills our brand promise to offer you the best ways to live a rich, full, active, healthy life.”

    What materials will be available?

    Materials such as a measurement chart, Band Aids, coloring pages and stickers will be in every location. In the future, Doc Marsh will have a website, videos, plushies and more.

    How long will he be with the clinic?

    Hopefully forever! Doc Marsh is here for patients and staff and will be around as long as needed to encourage children to live healthier lives.​

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If you have questions, would like to make an appointment with one of our qualified staff members or just want to chat, contact your area’s Marshfield Clinic.

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