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About the COVID-19 Vaccine

Dr. Alison Bauer​ is a Maternal and Fetal Medicine specialist. She sees women with high risk pregnancies including conditions for mom or baby like high blood pressure, heart disease, lupus, cancer, growth concerns and pr​eterm births.


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Pregnanc​​y, Fertility, B​reas​​tfee​d​in​g and Children​ Vaccine Safety​ Vaccine Effectiveness ​​

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Getting the COVID-19 Vaccine​

Interested in receiving the COVID-19 vaccine? We have vaccine appointments and walk-in clinics available in more than 20 locations.

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Image of pregnant woman holding her belly
Pregnancy and COVID-19 vaccine: 4 questions to consider before vaccination

Pregnant women are among a group that is low risk for getting COVID-19, but are high risk for having severe complications from the virus. The COVID-19 vaccine can help protect yourself against severe illness.
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