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COVID-19 MCHS Employee Screening

Marshfield Clinic Health System is requiring screening of all employees prior to entering any facility. With this and parallel efforts, we can slow the spread of COVID-19 and better protect our communities.

All employees must conduct a symptom check within 2 hours prior to the start of each shift and record it via the online survey OR on a paper log prior to entering any MCHS facility. If you do not have access to a thermometer, go to your site's patient screening area (preferred) or go to your unit to have your temperature taken prior to your shift.*

Option 1: Symptom Tracker - Online Survey (preferred) 

Click the link below to complete the survey. 



 Complete the survey 

You will receive a confirmation text or email upon completion of the online survey. Security or your manager may ask for this "All Clear" verification.

Option 2: Symptom Tracker - Paper Log 

  • You also may print the log from our COVID-19 SharePoint page and fill it out manually. 
  • Security or your manager may ask for this paper log at any time during your shift.


Note: Please remember to take proper precaution and not come to work if you are not feeling well, or have any symptoms like fever, shortness of breath or cough. You should notify your manager of your absence. Employees who exhibit symptoms at home are responsible to inform unit/department/manager following your normal sick notification process. Employees who exhibit symptoms in the workplace will be directed notify their department/unit/location. Managers will need to complete an Absent/Illness Report with Employee Health.


*If you are a facility without a thermometer, please have your manager contact Employee Health Shared:


This is a rapidly changing situation, and entrances and protocols will be adjusted as the situation evolves.

Looking for more information on COVID-19?

The situation is changing daily, and we regularly update our COVID-19 web page with information and resources you need to protect you and your family.


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