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Find a Better 'Position' to Cope with Cancer through exercise

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Recent research has confirmed that for many people gentle exercise, like yoga, is safe and beneficial during and beyond treatment for diseases like cancer. 

Studies published in both the New England Journal of Medicine and Cancer Journal support yoga's capacity to relieve the discomfort and insomnia that people with life-threatening illnesses may encounter.

There's a bustle and business to having cancer, and many who have experienced cancer advise that the best time to learn to relax is exactly when you may feel you don’t have the time.

Yoga breathing is a "practical tool" that brings awareness and peace to everyday activities. It also lowers the stress that many people experience in advance of treatment or follow-up examinations.

Starting a wellness program can be a motivational task for anyone. The key is to keep your program simple and fun.

The American Cancer Society stresses that each person's exercise program should be based on what they and their health care provider agree will be safe and effective. They offer practical tips for jump starting your plan:​

  • Set gentle, achievable goals.
  • Focus on having fun.
  • Try something new and different to keep it fresh.
  • Reward yourself for your achievements.

Healthy Survivorship classes offer an opportunity to enhance quality of life through programs that complement medical care and foster balance of mind, body and spirit. 

These classes, co-sponsored by Marshfield Clinic, provide an informal environment for anyone touched by stress, including family caregivers.

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